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Podcast December 2007

For the cover I used a photo by Dru! [CC BY-NC]

Against my own expectations I was able to produce a Podcast episode also in this month (new born baby here at home). This episode has a disneylike opening, a lot of tracks playing the big drums, some cute melodies and catchy pop tunes. Feedback is welcome.

  1. Francesco Lettera (Dharmasound) – Going to the city of Emeralds mp3
  2. Audiokonstrukte (1bit wonder) – Karmakoma mp3
  3. Heinemann521 (Mimi) – daily routines mp3
  4. Resn (Homework) – My number is mp3
  5. The Dook (Hippocamp) – No Boat Can Stop (If There’s Wine All Over the Bloody Sails) mp3
  6. Bliss (Camomille) – Energy is for Henrik mp3
  7. Original Recipe (petite&jolie) – Puppy mp3
  8. DRONE (Up It Up Records) – Robotic fantasy mp3
  9. Josef Mühlen (Corpid) – Touch Mei Hall mp3
  10. Winterstrand (laridae) – Shadows Of Memories mp3
  11. Amateur Android (Vorbic) – Vinyl Pushing mp3
  12. Machine Drum (Sutemos) – 0000001 mp3
  13. Psilodump (The X-Dump) – The Ninja Pugdogs mp3
  14. Eric Brandy (Pinksilver) – Mvet Tool mp3
  15. P.N.F.A (deepwise) – Keating mp3

Important Note: Due to some encoding issues three of the played tracks (No. 8 by Drone, No. 11 by Amateur Android and No. 13 by Psilodump) were imported in mono format to this episode. We apologize for the low sound quality and ask all visitors to listen to the original files (as listed above), so you can experience the real beauty of these tracks. Thanks!