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Podcast July 2011

For the cover I used a photo by Daniel Kulinski [CC BY-NC-SA]

A relatively homogenous episode. It starts with a near-Beatles song, comes then in a general relaxed mood, garnished here and there with atmospheric field recordings embedded in the background and some touches of ethno music (asian chants & harmonies). At the end the tempo is more up without getting too crazy.

  1. {tantrum} – Passed by [Hujan Rekords 019]
  2. Schikane rollte – Frau Schmidt [unpicked.net]
  3. Inefficient Screws – Red for Blue [beeah-music 010]
  4. zunzagi – rcreatures
  5. Phil Gerus – Close Synonyms [Phonocake 71]
  6. Bottlesmoker – (((((ox))))) [Hujan Rekords 018]
  7. Asaguare – Iyula
  8. Faye Choi + David Valentim – Suffering becomes honey [MiMi 174]
  9. Nation of Clang – Back In The Days [tonAtom 116]
  10. Lyndsie Alguire – Horses in Prehistory [Camomille 011]
  11. The Ghost of 3.13 – Fear (The World Isn’t Here) [Sociopath Recordings 213]
  12. Sol Rezza – Preguntas
  13. haruki – How To Dance On A Map [Tripostal Porträt 2]
  14. Legobyte – Away [Electrosound Moscow 7]
  15. Malefique – One Girl From Ariel [Electrosound Moscow 7]
  16. The Additive – Orange [Sostanze Records LP 032]
  17. Bonnie – Shoot this track [Digital Pit FRZ023]
  18. Hiroshima – I want to believe [Digital Pit FRZ022]
  19. wahrk – Elemental [Karakasa Music]
  20. Kommisar – Emerald Beach [Pxl-Bot 010]

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4 Gedanken zu „Podcast July 2011“

  1. Hallo Andreas,
    melde mich jetzt erst, da gerade aus dem Urlaub zurück. Danke für den Tipp. Derzeit funktionierts nicht, offensichtlich ist deren Traffic für diesen Monat verbraucht. Ich probiers später nochmal und hörs mir auf jeden Fall an.

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