Podcast July 2015


We’ve skipped the last month, so double intense quality time! Starts with dreamy Singersongwriter stuff, goes to Pop and Future Garage, some Techno parts also… Have fun.

  1. Katy Kirby – Every Time CC BY
  2. Expendable Friend – Best that you can be CC BY-NC-ND
  3. Warik – Deep Blue Sea CC BY-NC
  4. Emerald Park – Hamburg CC BY-NC-ND
  5. Emerald Park – Graduation Failed CC BY-NC-ND
  6. Bearoid – Bad Karma [Champagne Records CHAMP 041] CC BY-SA
  8. Lake South – Good Keen Man [Home Alone Music] CC BY-NC-SA
  9. Par – Ser persona – Zmek remix CC BY-NC-ND
  10. Zowja – Calibrating Light CC BY-ND
  11. Lee Rosevere – Musical Mathematics [Happy Puppy Records] CC BY-SA
  12. Erotyhme – Our Sacred Hours (with Madelion Moondrop) CC BY
  13. Celadon City – Garden Boy [Galaxy Swim Team GST-03] CC BY-NC-SA
  14. JonahMeltWave – Girl CC BY-NC-SA
  15. Keosz – Seclusion CC BY-NC
  16. Keosz – Glib CC BY-NC
  17. Hypersleep – Emigre CC BY-NC-SA
  18. Cuarto – En Su Totalidad [esc.rec.49] CC BY-NC-SA
  19. Suplington – Falling [Cult Classic Records] CC BY-NC-SA
  20. Ashwood Shepard – Fly Away [Goldie Records] CC BY
  21. Boys Get Hurt – BE TRUE CC BY
  22. A5 (Dead or Alive Remix) [Elixion Records] CC BY-NC-ND

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