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Podcast October 2008

  1. La Orquesta Del Beat Invisible (Ouzomusic) – Pal momento (Inst.) mp3
  2. Mad EP vs. Shadow Huntaz (acroplane) – Travel The Night mp3
  3. Inmontauk (impar) – Piroxilina mp3
  4. Project 5am (monotonik) – Quixotes of Moons Fight The Windmills Of Brixton mp3
  5. Ten Digit Army (Reverse Engine Records) – So Damn Predictable mp3
  6. Set The White Flags On Fire Slowly (Share My Wings) – We Are Armed Only With The Smouldering Cigarettes And Several Hundreds Stroboscopes mp3
  7. Plaistow (12rec) – Aki’s Apple mp3
  8. Cantaloup (aerotone) – When my girl walks through this garden mp3
  9. new earth objects (headphonica) – live at schmiede part 2 mp3
  10. 4 remixes of „Sooner or later“ by trifonic ft. Christina Courtin from ccmixter.org:
  11. Loveshadow (ccmixter) – Buddz In The Hood mp3
  12. Nightfusion (Versus Community Board) – Utopia mp3
  13. Sky Jewels (Rumpfunk Records) – Mayflower mp3
  14. Danjiel (Tonkultur Berlin) – Sunrise mp3
  15. Vito Cacciapaglia (monokrak) – Unti Tled mp3
  16. ESSE (Qubitsound) – Pepper
  17. alexxei n nig (schall) – the city is on fire mp3
  18. Pedro Duarte (Random Access Recordings) – Pacific Blue mp3
  19. feel x heal (Mizukage Records) – the hill of the wind mp3

7 Gedanken zu „Podcast October 2008“

  1. guten tag,

    kann meinen geliebten machtdose podcast leider nicht runterladen und soundcloud sagt:

    SoundCloud accounts are currently only available via invite

    hmmm….was mache ich jetzt…?

    viele gruesse,
    rey cometa

  2. Hey, Thanks for your Support!
    Cool Podcast! Very Nice!
    BTW The Download doesnt work….
    there you need some soundcloud-login data.

    greets rudi

  3. hallo roland,

    ….vielen dank, jetzt funktioniert auch der download:-)

    saludos desde mexico,

    rey cometa

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