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The new Machtdose Compilation is out: Superfly. Follow these simple steps to get catchy: Go to the online music store of your choice, download the following tracks, sort them properly in your player (and you won’t regret it). The flow of that Mix is very atmospheric and delectable!

1. Chad Valley – Fast Challenges (Loose Lips)
2. Metronomy – The Look (Because Music)
3. Washed Out – Before (Weird World/Sub Pop)
4. M83 – OK Pal (Naïve)
5. Cut Copy – Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
6. Ada – On The Mend (Pampa)
7. The Field – Then It’s White (Kompakt)
8. John Maus – Hey Moon (Upset! The Rhythm)
9. Cant – Believe (Warp)
10. Washed Out – Amor Fati (Weird World/Sub Pop)
11. Antonian – The Desert Pt. II (Discograph)
12. Tune-Yards – My Country (4AD)

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