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  • Miles To Empty

    Artist Shannon Goff could probably not resist. She was born into the world of cars and engines. Curse or blessing? Most recently she created her grandfather's 1979 Lincoln Continental in cardboard. »Miles To Empty« explores the car as a metaphor ... Weiter →

  • Let’s bike it!

    To celebrate International No Car Day, some Latvian bicyclists from the Let's Bike It organization built a big, car-sized frame around their bikes to show how much space people waste when they commute by car instead of by bike. Weiter →

  • Rush Hour

    Rush Hour by Fernando Livschitz. Rush Hour

  • Flight Intestine

    Chris LaBrooy is back, just as curious as ever. The title of his new work is »Flight Intestine«, an awesome rendering of a Boeing 747 whose intestines are dripping from the body of a plane. It's weirdly beautiful. How frequently ... Weiter →

  • Drivable Ice Truck

    Seats, hood, roof, and even license plate - everything in this truck is made from ice blocks. I only miss the heated seats. More photos and two videos can be found here. a Drivable Truck Made From Ice Weiter →

  • Auto Aerobics

    Great series of stretched and interlinked classic cars: Auto Aerobics by UK-based illustrator Chris Labrooy. And roll... and stretch... and glide... and flex. Chris Labrooy - Auto Aerobics Chris Labrooy - Auto  ...    <span class= Weiter →

  • Air Drive

    Cars with no wheels, formed by French photographer Renaud Marion. His retro-futuristic Air Drive series is every engineer's dream. And don't forget: Flying cars require a pilot license. All images © Renaud Marion.

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