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Bad Things That Could Happen

This Is It are a collective of illustrators, animators, artists and designers based in London. I am a bit late on this, but »Bad Things That Could Happen« is amazing and filled with so many good ideas – a film they made using giant props made out of cardboard about bad things that could happen. Their homepage is well worth a visit.


El Orden es Intangible

Typographic installation by Boa Mistura. Inspired by the poem »Order is« by Louis I. Khan, the piece involves an abstract furniture composition that only makes sense when is observed from one particular point, from where you can read the quote »order is intangible«. Before that Boa Mistura worked on a vibrant community project in Vila Brâsilandia, one of the favelas in São Paulo, Brazil.

Boa Mistura .

Boa Mistura – El Orden es Intangible

Boa Mistura – El Orden es Intangible

Boa Mistura – Orgulho

Boa Mistura – Firmeza