Archiv des Schlagworts: photography series

  • End of the World Cinema

    End of the World Cinema by Kaupo Kikkas. End of the World Cinema End of the World Cinema End of the World Cinema Weiter →

  • UAE

    For those who love modern architecture - Architecture in UAE by Matthias Heiderich. UAE UAE UAE UAE Weiter →

  • Broken Botany

    The series Broken Botany by Australian photographer Lisa Sorgini was captured after a visit on the outskirts of Melbourne after a few days in a row of windstorms. Lisa Sorgini - Broken Botany Weiter →

  • Abandoned Olympic Venues

    What happens to Olympic facilities after the games are over? Some are turned into training facilities, theaters, concert halls, museums and so on. But many of them are abandoned. Check out this great series of 30 haunting images from past ... Weiter →

  • Absence of Water

    »The absence of water« series by Gigi Cifali: »Having been built in the late Victorian period, public lidos and baths were at the peak of their popularity in the 1930s. Gradually, living conditions and tastes have changed, resulting in a ... Weiter →

  • Dwellings

    The following photos are part of a series called European Communities by German-born photographer Immo Klink, which documents the dropout of people from all over the continent who have created fantastic individual dwellings. European Communities - Dwellings Weiter →

  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pools in Paris by Franck Bohbot. The great series captures the soul and beauty of empty public pools. All images © Franck Bohbot.

Immer auf der Suche nach dem Flow, begeistern Gregor Maria Schubert und Roland Graffé sich für Trends, Widersprüche und Abseitiges in Kunst, Musik und Medien.

Machtdose entdeckt, kultiviert, archiviert, und teilt Glanzlichter der Popkultur und persönliche Vorlieben mit allen anderen Träumern, Liebhabern und Neugierigen.