Archiv des Schlagworts: photography series

  • Empty Chairs

    Abandoned buildings, private apartments and junk rooms - Each setting photographer Faisal Al Fouzan from Kuwait has photographed was found like you can see below and left untouched, preserving the authenticity of the chaotic ensemble. »The Empty Chairs project aims ... Weiter →

  • Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera

    Orchard Beach is a public beach in the borough of the Bronx in New York City. The beach is part of Pelham Bay Park and is situated on the western end of Long Island Sound. Built in the 1930s by ... Weiter →

  • Scooter in Indonesia

    German weekly newspaper Zeit published a great series by American documentary photographer Ed Wray about pimped Vespa lookalikes in Indonesia, after all the production facility of the legendary scooter till 2001. The photographs were taken during a scooter festival in ... Weiter →

  • Invasive Species

    Photographer Dillon Marsh's Invasive Species - the wonderful art of tree cellphone towers: »In 1996 a palm tree appeared almost overnight in a suburb of Cape Town. This was supposedly the world's first ever disguised cell phone tower. Since ... Weiter →

  • Meanwhile, in the Suburbs…

    Meanwhile, in the suburbs surroundings becoming weird. If you're on Flickr, check out Kurt Manley‘s photostream. Image © Kurt Manley Image © Kurt Manley Image  ...    <span class= Weiter →

  • Tree

    What does oil on canvas look like? In the exceptional case, nature can constitute strange realities, if you give a little help in certain moments. »Tree« is Myoung Ho Lee's beautiful series of a variety of trees in different seasons ... Weiter →

  • The Hyena & Other Men

    The series »The Hyena & Other Men« by South African photographer Pieter Hugo depicts Nigeria's »Gadawan Kura« as they are known in Hausa (a rough translation: »hyena handlers«) in a brilliant way. »These photographs came about after a friend emailed ... Weiter →

Immer auf der Suche nach dem Flow, begeistern Gregor Maria Schubert und Roland Graffé sich für Trends, Widersprüche und Abseitiges in Kunst, Musik und Medien.

Machtdose entdeckt, kultiviert, archiviert, und teilt Glanzlichter der Popkultur und persönliche Vorlieben mit allen anderen Träumern, Liebhabern und Neugierigen.