Archiv des Monats: Juni 2013

  • Tree

    What does oil on canvas look like? In the exceptional case, nature can constitute strange realities, if you give a little help in certain moments. »Tree« is Myoung Ho Lee's beautiful series of a variety of trees in different seasons ... Weiter →

  • Early Stars of the Space Race

    There was a time when animals were sent to space to test the survivability of spaceflight. From the present point of view, it seems crazy to me, but the story of animals in space is much older than one thinks. ... Weiter →

  • The Hyena & Other Men

    The series »The Hyena & Other Men« by South African photographer Pieter Hugo depicts Nigeria's »Gadawan Kura« as they are known in Hausa (a rough translation: »hyena handlers«) in a brilliant way. »These photographs came about after a friend emailed ... Weiter →

  • Oscillate

    »Oscillate« is the title of Daniel Sierra's thesis done at the MFA Computer Art program in the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The project was an attempt »to visualize waveform patterns that evolve from the fundamental sine ... Weiter →

  • Tom Selleck Waterfall Scenes

    This makes quite sense: My old series buddy Tom Selleck was photoshopped into waterfall scenes. You must also listen to the official Selleck Waterfall Sandwich Theme Song while studying this cool Food Art experience. Tom Selleck Photoshopped into Waterfall  ...    <span class= Weiter →

Immer auf der Suche nach dem Flow, begeistern Gregor Maria Schubert und Roland Graffé sich für Trends, Widersprüche und Abseitiges in Kunst, Musik und Medien.

Machtdose entdeckt, kultiviert, archiviert, und teilt Glanzlichter der Popkultur und persönliche Vorlieben mit allen anderen Träumern, Liebhabern und Neugierigen.