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33 More Abandoned Places

This is the second part of Francesco Mugnai’s series about abandoned places all over the world. 33 more strange and incredible images full of magic and mystic power.

Nicosia Airport
Nicosia Airpot, Cyprus (Photo by eyesfutur)

Abanonded steam engine in Uyuni train cemetery
Abanonded steam engine train cemetery, Uyuni, Bolivia (Photo by Jimmy Harris)

Abandoned Coal Mine. Miner Bathroom
Abandoned Coal Mine, Miner Bathroom, Wałbrzych, Poland (Photo by *Camereon)

Merle Spurrier Gymnasium Pool
Merle Spurrier Gymnasium Pool, University of Rochester, New York (Photo By cseward)

Abandoned bowling alley
Toyo Bowling, Japan (Photo by Thomas Jorion)