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Fallout Shelter Brochure.

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to build a shelter is to wall part of the cellar with concrete blocks. The drawing below shows such a shelter in cutaway form. First, you pick a corner where there are no windows, mark your dimensions on the floor and put down a layer of wet mortar at least 3/8 inch thick to hold the first row of cement blocks. Build up layers, consulting a how-to-do-it book or manufacturer’s pamphlet on best way to apply mortar. Use a level diligently to keep layers straight and even. Leave four ventilation holes in second layer. Stop when you are within 16 inches of the ceiling to leave room for shelter roof. Build baffle wall to the same height as other walls. Baffle will stop most radiation, which behaves like light and does not go around corners, from entering the shelter door.

Place three upright 4X4 posts against one basement wall. Nail a 4X6 beam across the top of them. When mortar is dry lay the ceiling joists on edge with 12.5 inches between their centers and with one end of each joist resting on the beam and the other end resting on the block wall, 4 inches from the outer edge. On remaining 4 inches, put block laid on edge to form top layer of walls.

Nail the first planks of one-inch sheating across the beams. Stack to layers of concrete blocks, unmortared, on top of sheating. Move forward a foot or two at a time, adding sheating and blocks until the roof is completed.

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This spread demonstrated how to build a simple fallout shelter in your basement

Der Alltag kann so schön sein! Verdammt lässiger Typ auch. »So, jetzt gehen wir eben mal raus ’ne Kippe rauchen« is hier aber nicht. Das Bunkerleben hat nun mal auch seine Tücken.