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Podcast November 2007

For the cover I used a photo by mary_gaston22 [CC BY-SA]

2nd anniversary!

This episode is probably the most pop-oriented up to now, especially in the first half. And at begin I immediately start with a mistake: Poni Republic is not based in Italy, but Mexico – of course a lot of pronouncing and grammar catastrophies will follow as usual – I’m doin‘ this podcast for two years now and on first anniversary I changed moderation to English – which is for some of my listeners some sort of, erm, extra entertainment. (But remember what I said after the switch and from the start: the new motto of this little netaudio show is „Good music and bad English“).

Here the playlist:

  1. Anois (Poni Republic) – November mp3
  2. Winter Took His Life (It’s a trap) – Heaven on earth mp3
  3. Björn Kleinhenz (It’s a trap) – The best of my life mp3
  4. Silence Is Sexy (Muertepop) – Kids Like Silence mp3
  5. Paolo Messere/Kiddycar (Silber Records) – You Save Me From Understanding More mp3
  6. Nuuro (Poni Republic) – Secret mp3
  7. lunao (white in music) – tale of a man that walks through the dark mp3
  8. Lucky Misu (corpid) – How To Hold On Tight (Troupe Remix) mp3
  9. Chun Lee (Catch The Falling Leaves) – Gold Spiral mp3
  10. imoutoid (Maltine Records) – PART2 mp3
  11. Francisco Pinto (Pueblo Nuevo) – The Horse mp3
  12. PNFA (Arteqcue) – again mp3
  13. verano (Arteqcue) – orange people (m.telemann remix) mp3
  14. Matthias Springer (Garganrecords) – Flächenträgheitsmoment mp3
  15. jeff willett (clear-cut-records) – gp15 mp3
  16. vamzdys (signorafranca) – asloptik mp3
  17. Garnica (Digital Audio Tropical Archives) – Paisajes Extremos mp3
  18. Margaret Noble (acroplane) – Nufon mp3

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