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Podcast August 2007

Machtdose Podcast August 2007
For the cover I used a photo by Vir gin ia [CC BY-NC]

This month I’ve made a more quick and dirty episode (I was in a hurry) – so you will find some gruesome bridges between different tracks, strange comments, cut-up moderation and so on (I overpay a little). Anyway, hope you like it.

  1. Statedlife (Archaic Horizon Records) – Firstlite mp3
  2. Crepusculum (Zymogen) – Anachronism (Twilight mix by Engine7) mp3
  3. my first trumpet (aerotone) – autonarkose mp3
  4. Herwig Holzmann (Autoplate) – Everything from Changing mp3
  5. Imagine I Had Hands (It’s a trap) – Economy mp3
  6. Trans Alp (Elpa) – Guru mp3
  7. Emmerichk (Discos Konfort) – Cy-Borg mp3
  8. Lipo (sub-machine. net) – Milkyskin mp3
  9. Carlo (Neovinyl) – Blondie Girl mp3
  10. Benfay (Thinner) – Quick Drifter mp3
  11. Fineline (White in Music) – Berauschen mp3
  12. Paul Elong (Strg+T) – Penetration mp3
  13. Flann (labil recordings) – Keine Zeit (R2TF Remix) mp3
  14. BitBasic (monotonik) – Soap mp3
  15. BitBasic (monotonik) – Amen Break steals the Show mp3
  16. Silverknight v Beat Doctor (Toucan Music) – Dancefloor Virus 2007 mp3

6 Gedanken zu „Podcast August 2007“

  1. Hi Roland
    A beautiful program – congrats – full of great summer netlab hits … such as the perfect work of 12rec/zym on Crepusculum or the cy-borg view of el senor Emmerichk. thanks also for make me discover the splendid release of Statedlife which opens the program.

    greetings from noCo

    thierry massard

  2. mai inglüsch ist not verrri best…
    why don’t you just play the music and write your text on your release page?
    anyway, nice music :9

  3. Thierry: oh wow, a compliment by you really means something to me. Thanks!

    C: Dass jemand so Attraktives sich darum auch nur kümmert!

    Anonymous: I do a moderation because often enough there’s a wide range of music styles in the show – and my mixing skills are even lower than my knowledge of English, I suppose. Plus: we have a bunch of Netlabel mixers already out there – so I hope this radio-like podcast with a a moderation gives that thingie overall a more individual / „personal“ touch. Additionally you can also play the single tracks without any listening to the podcast itself – as I link them directly here…

  4. So nice to be included in your program Roland….great sounds you compiled for the podcast……I will be listening again, my friend…

    thank you!


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