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Podcast February 2007

In this episode we often hear the sound of the ocean in the background, but I don’t think it’s too kitchy overall.

  1. Test Pressing (electrosound.ru) – Leaving Home (2:50)mp3
  2. Corwin Trails (Archaic Horizon Records) – Icicle (2:44)mp3
  3. robintone (beatismurder.com) – cowboy song (for martha) (3:15)mp3
  4. Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees (oceanaudio) – Not About To (Dub Technique Edit) (2:59)mp3
  5. Dissolved (metropublik) – the foresight of lagoons (4:32)mp3
  6. matera electronics (Laverna) – life in pause (4:56)mp3
  7. ascalaphe (kreislauf) – bleeding minarets (2:27)mp3
  8. Iambic²(laridae) – These Lights (7:40)mp3
  9. Father Ohmicron (ElectroSoundSystem) – Djarniture (7:24)mp3
  10. Tripper (mOOds plateau) – Kukka (3:36)mp3
  11. eVADE (Super 6 Records) – The Drowning Boy (4:37)mp3
  12. Sleepy Town Manufacture (Sutemos) – Owen (5:15)mp3
  13. Tanzmusik (corpid extra) – Auf Deutsch (VI GO Remix by Popnoname feat. Michael Heydebreck) (6:02)mp3
  14. Ampexx (Pozitron Records) – my brain (5:21)mp3
  15. Goodbye Enemy Airship (custom music records) – Parfum (3:34)mp3
  16. Mataphonia (The X-Dump) – Majdiway (2:22)mp3
  17. Iambic²(laridae) – For You… (5:50)mp3
  18. Uncle Owen Aunt Beru (Birdsong) – A Song for You (2:24)mp3

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