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Podcast February 2008

Boy oh boy, this was again a month full with good music, so we have one of our longer episodes as result. I have made some cruel edits to some of the presented songs, but I ask for your understanding, otherwise the show itself would be too long (in my opinion). But what’s in it? something like that: jazzy tunes, funky beats, minimal, pop songs, dub house, breakbeats, dubstep, mandolins, Ibiza, folk pop, fantastic riffs, shoegaze, straight rock etc.

  1. Monostabil (Phonocake) – Elektromüll mp3
  2. iivix (Digital Vomit Records) – Maisy Mouse Big Beat mp3
  3. Grillo (Dusted Wax Kingdom) – Boots mp3
  4. Vate – Turismo mp3
  5. The Chair Listener (Schnurstrax) – Bit Stupidity mp3
  6. Modul (no-response) – Sliding Fiba mp3
  7. Monsular (diplomatik) – Plimgrap mp3
  8. Lucky Misu (corpid) – In The Hotel mp3
  9. basicnoise (Schall) – lovetrack mp3
  10. nik jade (Soulseek Artists) – caramel on my vinyl mp3
  11. Psychonaught (sociopathrecordings) – Sink the Fucker mp3
  12. Eye (test tube) – Aventura en Peru mp3
  13. Denis Zabavsky (top-40) – Strannik mp3
  14. candlestickmaker (Up It Up Records) – Drops of Night / Dreamer mp3
  15. 0p0 (noisnois records) – siempre estuviste ahí (electrance version) mp3
  16. Ian Asher (politicide) – Taradair mp3
  17. Soto (creation centre) – My Blue plane (soto version) mp3
  18. Norton (aerotone) – (Your) Balcony (FM Belfast Remix) mp3
  19. Inyi (Feed) – List mp3
  20. Delta Rangers – Halfzware Shag mp3