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Podcast February 2008

Boy oh boy, this was again a month full with good music, so we have one of our longer episodes as result. I have made some cruel edits to some of the presented songs, but I ask for your understanding, otherwise the show itself would be too long (in my opinion). But what’s in it? something like that: jazzy tunes, funky beats, minimal, pop songs, dub house, breakbeats, dubstep, mandolins, Ibiza, folk pop, fantastic riffs, shoegaze, straight rock etc.

  1. Monostabil (Phonocake) – Elektromüll mp3
  2. iivix (Digital Vomit Records) – Maisy Mouse Big Beat mp3
  3. Grillo (Dusted Wax Kingdom) – Boots mp3
  4. Vate – Turismo mp3
  5. The Chair Listener (Schnurstrax) – Bit Stupidity mp3
  6. Modul (no-response) – Sliding Fiba mp3
  7. Monsular (diplomatik) – Plimgrap mp3
  8. Lucky Misu (corpid) – In The Hotel mp3
  9. basicnoise (Schall) – lovetrack mp3
  10. nik jade (Soulseek Artists) – caramel on my vinyl mp3
  11. Psychonaught (sociopathrecordings) – Sink the Fucker mp3
  12. Eye (test tube) – Aventura en Peru mp3
  13. Denis Zabavsky (top-40) – Strannik mp3
  14. candlestickmaker (Up It Up Records) – Drops of Night / Dreamer mp3
  15. 0p0 (noisnois records) – siempre estuviste ahí (electrance version) mp3
  16. Ian Asher (politicide) – Taradair mp3
  17. Soto (creation centre) – My Blue plane (soto version) mp3
  18. Norton (aerotone) – (Your) Balcony (FM Belfast Remix) mp3
  19. Inyi (Feed) – List mp3
  20. Delta Rangers – Halfzware Shag mp3

14 Gedanken zu „Podcast February 2008“

  1. Thanks for having my song on your podcast :-) Your pronounciation was right… but Inyi is not a band actually, it’s just me sitting at home with a guitar, some effects and ableton live (though I sometimes have guest artists) :-)

  2. Muchas Gracias!
    Mes siento muy honrado por estar en el podcast! :D
    Le daré una cuidadosa escucha en cuanto termine de descragarse.

  3. I listened to my presentation. there was just one mistake it’s not O-p-0. yes, it’s written with zero but you just have to say „OPO“ :p Thanks a lot for your support! :)

  4. Wow, ich hab euren Podcast jetzt im Itunes-Abo, die Februar-Ausgabe ist echt top! Zuhören hat Riesenspaß gemacht

  5. Hello! Thanks for featuring my tune on your mix. One little thing though, the artist name is iivix, with two little i’s… Otherwise it looks a bit like the first i is an l. Cheers!

  6. Hi iivix,

    thanks for the hint.

    What is even more embarassing for me is that I mixed song’s title and artist name – I’m going to correct this now.

  7. Thanks for your support Karlos!
    check out all our releases, they are very diverse! I’m sure you’ll like them :D

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