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Podcast January 2008

Happy new year! This month is more retrospective with tracks I missed in the last year. Main resource for that findings was the Phlow Magazine Advent Calendar, I also have included 3 tracks of 8bitpeoples because I wasn’t there for a longer time . The other half of the show is introducing recently released songs as usual.

  1. Mark DeNardo (8bitpeoples) – Muse mp3
  2. Inlets (luv sound) – Pictures of Trees mp3
  3. Motown Junkie (Test Tube) – My name is Sampler… Ed Sampler mp3
  4. xenoton (tonAtom) – thy distant fire mp3
  5. Moondogs Blues Party (A Regueifa Plataforma) – Blues After Dead mp3
  6. Coax (kahvi collective) – Clouds mp3
  7. The Boy With The Broken Leg (bump foot) – Dead End mp3
  8. Protestant Work Ethic (12rec. net) – Walk The Plank mp3
  9. ATONE (autres directions) – Resonance Lullatone Remix mp3
  10. Plaistow (Insubordinations) – Mairie Des Lilas mp3
  11. Rainer Lericolais (tripostal) – Allegretto mp3
  12. Yakkami (klitekture) – My_Mind mp3
  13. christian walt (interdisco) – too tired mp3
  14. Mr. Spastic (8bitpeoples) – QWERTY mp3
  15. Radarfilm (kreislauf) – Samstag Nachmittag mp3
  16. ramon leon (insectorama) – frida & tobi mp3
  17. Kamil P. aka The Influence (dobox recordings) – Detown Afterhourz mp3
  18. lilliehorn (clear cut records) – visco city mp3
  19. she (8bitpeoples) – Yeah Yeah Beats mp3

Ein Gedanke zu „Podcast January 2008“

  1. guten tag,

    sehr schoener podcast, besonders der zweite teil der sendung gefaellt mir sehr gut…

    viele gruesse,

    rey cometa

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