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Podcast July 2007

For the cover I used a photo by Schrollum [CC BY-NC-SA]

I have nearly nothing to say to this month episode, just: it’s full of Harps & Trumpets, a Scotsman is swearing on Italopop, we have Jazz, maybe some kind of a Koto (Japanese zither) and maybe this on drugs and there’s even more, but I’m just to lazy to talk about… As every month I just hope you have fun with it. (You can leave a comment if or if not.)

Edit: I just see that I’ve made one mistake in this episode, not really a mistake, but I want to correct: although the one netlabel has a .ca domain, it’s based in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

  1. ’82nd ave (Yuki Yaki) – The Bellafonte 3:40 mp3
  2. Bluebridge Quartet (aerotone) – Karp 4:46 mp3
  3. Endlos (one bit wonder) – Das musste ja so kommen 2:47 mp3 Video: mpg
  4. Drugs made me smarter (kreislauf) – it’s you 3:25 mp3
  5. mequetrefe (alg-a netlabel) – The people dont smile 5:50 mp3
  6. Arnaud Roy (vaatican Records) – Tango de los amigos 4:21 mp3
  7. Roborobika (Konsum Productions) – Connecting People 5:09 mp3
  8. The Kirbi (Homework) – Game Over 3:35 mp3
  9. Terminus (Equaliteq) – They Attack 6:18 mp3
  10. radio scotvoid (Earth Monkey Productions) – Jorge Smells Like Eggs (Iamchemist Mix) 4:22 mp3
  11. Plaupez (inoquo) – Pray for Margaret 7:19 mp3
  12. kalope (Norbu) – petanque (droog remix) 7:26 mp3
  13. relative q (one) – man your battle stations 7:43 mp3
  14. daclip (sologroove) – 12×12 12:02 mp3
  15. Minimal Mouse (welove: minimal) – Underneath 8:46 mp3
  16. Old Strikes New (somethingnondescript) – As the body remains 4:34
  17. Parade Me (Muertepop) – Farewell 2:26 mp3

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