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Podcast March 2011

[For the cover I used a picture by axelk]

Well, well, well. I have some full-packed times right now and by all means I even don’t have any time for doing an episode. On the other side I’ve had so many wonderful music on my hard drive for weeks now only waiting to be heard by our fellow listeners. So this was made as a quick shot (again!) – which you surely will discover by all the mistakes I have made in the moderation. Anyways, forgive me and enjoy the music: Starts with more Punk / Rock as usual, goes e. g. to Romanian Wedding Polka mixed with Drum n‘ Bass to Classic Hard Bop Jazz over Abstract HipHop & to the beauty chants of broken machines… and so on.

  1. The Munitionettes – The More You Got [Mine All Mine Records 158]
  2. Sometimes Always – You Can All Hide [EardrumsPop 008]
  3. The Safari – Terserah [Hujan! Records 014]
  4. elbis rever – it´s golden magic [doministiku 59]
  5. goldyne – compact disc [Mine All Mine Records 153]
  6. Fexomat and Sumone – Golden Days remix [Sociopath Recordings 201]
  7. Lockerbie – Laut (CJ Lavoire Re-Edit) [Bad Panda Records 065]
  8. Chief Warrant Officer – Snakeskin [Mine All Mine Records 159]
  9. Amy Hiller – Catfight [Mine All Mine Records 156]
  10. Andrey Nailer – Keepsake [Mimonot Records]
  11. Sebastián Jordán – Flujo [001 Records Jazz 001]
  12. Ambienteer – Sing the Broken Machines [feedback loop label 010]
  13. guillotine hairshaver – cloudy of the sun [Sayonara Records 030]
  14. adapt – Venus underwater [Miga 42]
  15. adamned.age – Nanof [Bad Panda Records 064]
  16. Joel Pryde – Scarlet Fever [basic_sounds 006]
  17. Asuka – Pollen Jacket [Sociopath Recordings 197]
  18. AEED – Ciao [Fuselab: Jumble 002]
  19. Christian Walt – Trick Me [interdisco 26]
  20. Dan Hiroshi feat. Suite – Aloof (Biconnection Remix) [Rawmatroid Club 013]
  21. master jim – nytrinome [la-pikki-pikki records 005]
  22. Q squared – Tubéreuse [SchwaRecords 04]
  23. PiTBull ThE SeXyDoG – Alone In The Dark [Fresh Poulp Records 056]
  24. Automatique – Lovin (Freefall from Space) [001 records 11]

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4 Gedanken zu „Podcast March 2011“

  1. Thanks! I definitely have to check out more stuff on doministiku and Mine All Mine Records. Amy Hiller and Chief Warrant Officer are fucking sweeeeeet.

  2. wieder mal eine sehr schöne auswahl ( besonders die tracks 20, 21 und 24 haben es mir angetan) und an dieser stelle mal vielen vielen dank, dass du dir die mühe machst diesen coolen podcast zusammenzustellen.

    viele grüße vom rhein,


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