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Podcast May 2009

Hi all, this month we have some special conditions. I was moving right now to a new dwelling and I won’t have any internet at home probably for the next six weeks (yeah, this sucks really – happens due to the stupidity of the internet provider I’ve chosen…) So I do a quick & dirty posting here from an internet café round my new corner, we have now this month a special feature: as a matter of prudence I’ve pre-produced this time the episode to prevent a gap in publishing and have chosen to introduce the wonderful cllct.com – the „Collective Family“ site – where you find a lot of fantastic music. I hope this month episode gives you the right impression.

I’m not sure when I will be back, but of course then you will also get all the great releases of the netlabel world we missed in the meantime.

  1. Rye ’n Clover – Sing the Sad [Album: Pencils, Paper & Scissors]
  2. Kelly Latimore – The Gospel According to Luke New Economy [Album: Songs and the Local Birds]
  3. Homecomings – Towers and Trash [Album: Homecomings]
  4. Alex Roc & The Penitents – Love is gonna make us [Album: Big White Room]
  5. blueberry fist – Man of War [Album: bluberry fist]
  6. go down, matthew – the world is against us [Album: come on tanelorn]
  7. Patrick Canning – When all mass has stopped moving [Album: The Pervert]
  8. Two Istbones – Shinkansen [Album: Turtle Shell Rain]
  9. Johnny West – Disowned Umbrellas [Album: An Absence of Sway]
  10. Fabrizio Paterlini – Veloma [Album: Viandanze]
  11. MUTE – The Thief [Album: Pavement Politics Vol.1]
  12. Tinyfolk – The Animals are Watching [Album: Remarkable Renewal of Your Body Hen]
  13. Giuseppe – Array of Sunshine [Astor Bell 003]
  14. bellbirds – bending blood [Album: bellbirds]
  15. Mouse and the Love & Light Orkestra – Dirty Water [Album: MOUSE]
  16. The Owls Go – finn [Album: horse and warrior]
  17. moor hound – Enduring World [Album: Enduring World EP]
  18. Ryland Bouchard – Bye Bye Love III [Album: SEEDS (Part One)]
  19. James Eric – Cupid’s Shooting Blanks (kim) [Album: Leftovers for Lovers]
  20. Wisdom Tooth – my party [Album: cathedral park]

Note: the first version of cllct.com unfortunately went down, but luckily enough they’re back now. Effect is that the most of the once hosted albums are also gone. I’ve tried to replace the mp3-links from other resources or the new cllct-site if possible.

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