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Bei den Wombats ist das beste Antidepressiva Musik von Joy Division. Dazu getanzt, und die Laune ist wieder happy. CSS gehen mit Death from Above ins Bett (Musik zum Sex ist weit verbreitet), der Sänger der Teenagers würde gerne Starlett Johansson heiraten, Phoenix sehen in Franz Liszt den ersten großen Rockstar der Musikgeschichte und Oma-Hans-Sänger Jens Rachut bedankt sich auf der letzten 7-Inch der Bandgeschichte bei seinem Label und – den Wipers. Lässt man Primal Screams‘ »Some Velvet Morning« und Lemonheads‘ »Dirty Robot« featuring Kate Moss als netten Versuch von ihr durchgehen, das Mikro selbst mal in die Hand zu nehmen, geht der Hushpuppies-Song ebenfalls an die Adresse einer Musikerin – und an John Lennons‘ Rolls Royce (Moss singt übrigens ähnlich schräg wie Nico). Musiker, die über andere Musiker singen. Hier eine Auswahl (weitere Songbeispiele gerne in die Kommentare packen).

Sendung vom 27.08.2009 · Thema: Musiker singen über Musiker · 19-20 Uhr · Radio X · zum Livestream
01. The Wombats – Let’s dance to Joy Division (14th Floor Records)
02. CSS – Let’s make love and listen to Death From Above (Sub Pop)
03. Let’s Wrestle – I wish I was in Hüsker Dü (Marquis Cha Cha)
04. Hushpuppies – Bad taste and gold on the doors (Faith Recordings)
05. Phoenix – Lisztomania (V2 Records)
06. The Teenagers – Starlett Johansson (Merok Records)
07. Bag Raiders – Daft Punk is playing on my Nintendo (
08. The Magentic Fields – When my boy walks down the street (Domino)
09. Flight of the Conchords – Bowie (Sub Pop)
10. Oma Hans – Danke, Wipers (Schiffen)
11. Die Goldenen Zitronen – Von den Dämonen des Wesley Willis (Buback)
12. Vincent Delerm – Veruca Salt et Frank Black (Tôt Ou Tard)
13. LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk is playing at my house (DFA)

Nicht in die Sendung geschafft:
14. David Gilmour Girls – Crimson as murder (Relish Records)
15. Tocotronic – Die Sache mit der Team Dresch Platte (L’Age D’Or)
16. Dosh – Pink Floyd Cowboy Song (Anticon)
17. The Libertines – What Katie did (Rough Trade Records)
18. Television Personalities – You, me and Lou Reed (Wipe Out)

The Teenagers – Starlett Johansson

I know you’re born in 84
Half polish half danish
You started at 8 on broadway
You’re a star

You don’t believe in monogamy
Im not jealous, scarlett will you marry me
All you’ve got you can like it
But what i am you will love it

You whisper at horses ears
I always found it exciting
I’m scared by spiders too
I never managed to blame you

I’ll sell my mum to be lost with you
Lost in tokyo or anywhere else
I wish i’d been invited
At your party in disneyland

Flight of the Chonchords – Bowie

Bowie’s in space
Bowie’s in space
Whatcha doin‘ out there man?
That’s pretty freaky, Bowie.
What’s a rock musician doing out in space man?
Isn’t it cold, quite cold out there Bowie?
Do you need my jumper Bowie?
Does the space cold do funny things to your nipples, making them all pointy?
Do you use your pointy nipples as telescopic antennae transmitting data back to Earth?
Data back to Earth d-d-do, d-d-do, do do
I bet you do you freaky old bastard you

Wombats – Let’s dance to Joy Division

So if your ever feeling down,
Grab your purse and take a taxi,
To the darker side of town,
That’s where we’ll be,
And we will wait for you and lead you through the dancefloor,
Up to the D.J booth,
You know what to ask for,
You know what to ask for.

Go ask for Joy Division,
And celebrate the irony,
Everything is going wrong,
But we’re so happy,
Let’s dance to joy division,
And raise our glass to the ceiling,
‚Cos this could all go so wrong,
But we’re just so happy,
So happy.

Hushpuppies – Bad taste and gold on the doors

I want my Kate Moss, every day spread on my toast, I want my kate moss !
I want my Rolls Royce, the one in Lennon’s colors, I want my Rolls Royce!
I want my mansion, with playmates to be my toys, I want some action!
I want some marble floors, bad taste and gold on the doors, I want a bell boy!
I want a luxury place that I could ruin and destroy, I want a brand new face!
I want some hard drugs and sick boy to be the nice, I want some hard drugs!
I don’t want any ass, tell me my life is a mess, I just want fame and lust!

Und was findet sich im i love music thread? »Songs about other musicians« mit vielen weiteren Anregungen…

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