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Until The Quiet Comes

Flying Lotus – »Until The Quiet Comes« directed by Kahlil Joseph. Steven Ellison, known as Flying Lotus, is back with a new album called »Until the Quiet Comes« which is available in autumn on Warp Records. As always there is a wonderful video, this time made by director Khalil Joseph and of course, as a Flylo fan, I am suprised to hear this song, as you may be – his sound has become a lot more sense.

Brats, Lamento & Wijd

May be related, but not not necessarily associated. Three great animated clips compiled by Spex.

1. Liars – »Brats« directed by ian cheng. Check out this video of a CGI-rendered nightmare. Bugs Bunny wakes up as the horror of a reposing mummy or something like that.


2. John Talabot – »Lamento« directed by Joshua Catalano. Paris-based motion designer Joshua Catalano takes us on a wild trip into the unknown in his 3D animation titled »Lamento«.

3. Massacooramaan – »Wijd« directed by Kingdom & Subtrança. Portland-based DJ and producer Dave Quam aka Massacooramaan recently dropped his debut EP »Dead Long Time« and has now unveiled some trippy visuals for »Wijd«, a psychedelic kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and floating swords that drift their way through a rainstorm.

Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools

D E N A – »Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools« directed by Bontchev & Burchardi + Denitza Todorova. Berlin is not only the capital of Germany, the world’s party capital and a melting pot of ideas and trends, but also a paradise for bargain hunters. The following video takes place in a Balkan-vibed flea market at Berlin’s Mauerpark. A real place with real people. The audience and random passers by were challenged to participate as actors what is not that bad.

In The Jungle

Elliphant – »In The Jungle« directed by Bill Schumacher. Policemen who escort a wildly gesticulate techno child in a trolley, rocking Santas who overrun them right in the middle of the clip and a number of strange interludes – In my opinion, one of the best clips of this season so far.

Mind Control

Friends – »Mind Control« directed by Hiro Murai
. This video precedes the band’s debut album »Manifest!«, which was released on 4 June.


Top Music Videos – Spring 2012 pt. TWO

Two weeks ago I started with my first review on some selected music videos which were published in the spring. Now we continue with part two…

1. Portugal. The Man – »All Your Light« directed by Dan Brown. The music video review begins once more with a gruesome short. A young boy is walking on a meadow with a bloody bag in his hand. In the following, a scary story around a dirty trailer park begins. By the way: a wonderful song.

2. Jack White – »Sixteen Saltines« directed by AG Rojas. Jack White has released a video for »Sixteen Saltines« filled with flaming cars, self-asphyxiating burnouts, creative drug use, property destruction and plenty of other bizarre occurrences. Needless to say, hard but pretty amazing.

3. Woodkid – »Run Boy Run« directed by Yoann Lemoine. It is difficult to understand the intense work of Yoann Lemoine, the level of passion he has. Stylistically at one with the Iron video, every shot is crafted beautifully. I was a little surprised he did the same again. But it works.

4. Grimes – »Oblivion« directed by Emily Kai Bock. Claire Boucher alias Grimes is planning a video-cycle for all 13 album songs. »If music is the main course, then the video is making my dessert« she says. »Oblivion« shows my weakness for half-empty motocross stadiums, cheerleading and floodlights. Besides, this one is my favourite from »Visions«

5. M.I.A. – »Bad Girls« directed by Romain Gavras. Based on the criticism of M.I.A.’s »Born Free« video two years ago, her situation was not quite as simple. A longtime critics‘ favorite lost her crown. Her symbols were too bold and too stereotyped. Nevertheless, the mood of the fans was at its best. The video has garnered over 10 million views on YouTube and a ton of attention. It shows M.I.A. in a desert location, surrounded by women in leopard bodysuits. Men in white garments stand on water pipes by the side of the road and watch two BMWs doing high-speed stunts. Brilliant!

Top Music Videos – Spring 2012 pt. ONE

The best hits and clips of the last weeks. A selection of my personal highlights.

1. Liars – »No.1 Against The Rush« directed by Todd Cole. The series of creepy short stories still continues. »No.1 Against The Rush« is about a serial killer while performing his work. Very impressive and loaded with gorgeous suspense.

2. Hot Chip – »Night & Day« directed by Peter Serafinowicz. Hot Chip produce significantly better clips than making music. This one could become one of the best dance clips these days. British comedian Peter Serafinowicz directed and choreographed that masterpiece and guest star Reggie Watts plays the leading role in this awesome and very alien-esque scenario.

3. Modeselektor & Thom Yorke – »This« directed by Andrew Jones. Once again Modeselektor in a collaboration with Thom Yorke, on a song from their latest album »Monkeytown«. The clip shows a black-clad puppeteer performing a twisted marionette dance as various toys seem to amp up the angst in the background. Very atmospheric.

4. Benga – »I Will Never Change« directed by Us. Great concept for a video for »I Will Never Change« by Dubstep producer Benga. 960 independent pieces of vinyl have been measured, cut and animated with utmost care to create a real-life model of a waveform. The experiment is fascinating and reminds me more of a scientific research.

5. F.S.K. – »Lady Chatterley« directed by Juno Meinecke und Jonas Spriestersbach.

Lifeless but ON, trolling is the only emotion that is suggesting moderate activity. The clip is a quiet observation of how your body is functioning in front of a computer. Song is taken from the new F.S.K. album »Akt, eine Treppe hinabsteigend«.