urban art

Oh, Plastiksacki

Great street intervention by spanish art collective Luzinterruptus which is part of the »Oh, Plastiksacki« exhibition at the Gewerbemuseum of Winthertur, a show evolving around the common plastic bag.


Journée des barricade

Car wrecks, discarded furniture and bulky items of any kind barricaded a central city street in Wellington, New Zealand on Sunday 14th December 2008, from midnight to midnight. This rather gorgeous intervention was created by British artists Heather and Ivan Morison as part of the One Day Sculpture series.

»Journée des Barricades«, 2008, New Zealand. Photos: Stephen Rowe.

»Journée des Barricades«, 2008, New Zealand. Photos: Stephen Rowe.

»Journée des Barricades«, 2008, New Zealand. Photos: Stephen Rowe.

Tapis Rouge

A breath of green lies on the streets of Jaujac, a small medieval village in southern France. A long path of about 168 rolls of grass extend for 1400 meters leads visitors through the heart of this beautiful place. »Tapis Rouge« is the work of Marseillian artist Gaëlle Villedary.


El Orden es Intangible

Typographic installation by Boa Mistura. Inspired by the poem »Order is« by Louis I. Khan, the piece involves an abstract furniture composition that only makes sense when is observed from one particular point, from where you can read the quote »order is intangible«. Before that Boa Mistura worked on a vibrant community project in Vila Brâsilandia, one of the favelas in São Paulo, Brazil.

Boa Mistura .

Boa Mistura – El Orden es Intangible

Boa Mistura – El Orden es Intangible

Boa Mistura – Orgulho

Boa Mistura – Firmeza


»On a stretch of 2 kilometers, seven inner city situations will be doubled on Potsdamer Straße, which was once representational for the city of Berlin and is today used very heterogeneously. On selected points of the whole street, “doubles” will appear at an interval of 70 cm from the existing objects, as if a tracing-paper duplication of a map of the city had slipped a bit away from the original beneath it. The focus thereby will be on easily overlooked street furnishings like streetlights, bus stops, and clocks.« Realtime by inges idee.

Realtime 2, Potsdamer Straße Berlin, Germany 2004

Realtime 3, Potsdamer Straße Berlin, Germany 2004

Piercing 1, City Hall Heidenheim/Brenz, Germany 2001

Bolzplatz 1, Skulpturenbiennale Münster 2000, Emsdetten, Germany



Seen in the city of Euro. It looked really good and I am wondering if a letter claiming responsibility will soon be published for this evil deed.