Archiv des Schlagworts: urban art

  • Lichter Streetview

    For the first time, in the context of the LICHTER Filmfestival, LICHTER Streetview will take place on March 22nd and 23rd. The idea behind it is to animate the Roßmarkt in the center of Frankfurt with plenty of different projections. ... Weiter →

  • Eyebaubles

    Each year hundreds of thousands of Christmas trees end up in the streets of the cities. D*Face brings some of them to life. Tree For Life Tree For Life Weiter →

  • Vogelfütterung

    About birds and bird-feeding: »Vogelfütterung«, urban intervention by Heiko Von. Vogelfütterung »Vogelfütterung«, Holz, Stacheldraht, Vogelfutter, Honig, Berlin 2012 Vogelfütterung »Vogelfütterung« Abenteuerspielplatz »Abenteuerspielplatz«, ... Weiter →

  • LICHTER Streetview

    Steetview_hoch In 2013, a new festival section will rise up as part of the LICHTER - Filmfest Frankfurt International: Lichter Streetview! LICHTER uses a variety of media to recapture the seemingly lost ... Weiter →

  • The Facadeprinter

    This great invention will certainly never change the world, but will find its place in the world of machines: »The Facadeprinter is a simple software controlled robot. It consists of a turn table with two axes and an air-pressure print ... Weiter →

  • Kopf Kino

    Shopping trolleys have become somehow part of the visual memory of art history. The newest trolley-based work comes from artist collective on/off. The device itself is constructed from a modified trolley filled with car batteries, a projector and computer held ... Weiter →

  • Credits

    Kind of sustainability report: What happens to our garbage after it is picked up? In fact french artist The Wa has an answer. After six weeks collecting, he created a fantastic installation made of waste produced during the Dockville Festival ... Weiter →

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