Podcast July 2008

For the cover I used a photo by FlySi [CC BY-NC-SA]

I have taken the opportunity and put some tracks in this episode which aren’t from recent releases and a bit older than usual. All in all we have mostly uplifting tunes which should bring you in a mood for dance. May the entertainment be with you.

  1. Nikouala (Bump Foot) – Gepetto’s Death mp3
  2. Sleeps in Oysters (luv sound) – Sea Flowers Blossom mp3
  3. The Real Tuesday Weld (Peppermill Records) – Last Days On Earth mp3
  4. joiejoiejoie (The Poni Republic) – Escalope de Dinde mp3
  5. boris balkan (solidalab) – junglized me (vocal digital visión) mp3
  6. The Ghost of 3.13 (Sociopath Recordings) – Life Is A Dream (Time To Wake Up) mp3
  7. retax gorgon (nonstopnonsense) – robot riot mp3
  8. Koen Park (headphonica) – Bye Bye Robot mp3
  9. Alic (+0 Lab) – Samba Olek mp3
  10. Mr. Bizz (deepindub) – Nebulosa Solare mp3
  11. mica (symbiont music) – nighteyes
  12. Ryko (auflegware) – 1984 mp3
  13. Mujuice (igloo-rec) – Blink mp3
  14. sm0hm (HEXAWE) – blu+ sky mp3
  15. illl (Pulsar-Records) – Gone mp3
  16. Lifo (Pulsar-Records) – rolling bound – the bad boy in me mp3
  17. Trash80 (8bitpeoples) – Sodium Sonet mp3
  18. Bufi (The Poni Republic) – Homeless Hero mp3
  19. Nuuro (The Poni Republic) – A B C mp3
  20. PPS (Maltine Records) – MTK vs ROT (Late)

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5 Antworten auf Podcast July 2008

  1. Maurizio sagt:

    Thank you for your nice support !!! Very appreciated !

  2. travis sagt:

    i was thinking this morning– „its about time for a new machtdose podcast“ :) this will definitey keep me entertained this afternoon…. thanks!

  3. Lifo sagt:

    thank you for supporting me!
    Have a nice time :-)

  4. thank you so much for your support! great set – lovely finds!

  5. Schön, schön, lange schon nicht mehr soviel neues Zeug gehört, vor allem „junglezed me“ is der Hammer! Ist ne echte Entdeckung…

Immer auf der Suche nach dem Flow, begeistern Gregor Maria Schubert und Roland Graffé sich für Trends, Widersprüche und Abseitiges in Kunst, Musik und Medien.

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