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Podcast July 2008

For the cover I used a photo by FlySi [CC BY-NC-SA]

I have taken the opportunity and put some tracks in this episode which aren’t from recent releases and a bit older than usual. All in all we have mostly uplifting tunes which should bring you in a mood for dance. May the entertainment be with you.

  1. Nikouala (Bump Foot) – Gepetto’s Death mp3
  2. Sleeps in Oysters (luv sound) – Sea Flowers Blossom mp3
  3. The Real Tuesday Weld (Peppermill Records) – Last Days On Earth mp3
  4. joiejoiejoie (The Poni Republic) – Escalope de Dinde mp3
  5. boris balkan (solidalab) – junglized me (vocal digital visión) mp3
  6. The Ghost of 3.13 (Sociopath Recordings) – Life Is A Dream (Time To Wake Up) mp3
  7. retax gorgon (nonstopnonsense) – robot riot mp3
  8. Koen Park (headphonica) – Bye Bye Robot mp3
  9. Alic (+0 Lab) – Samba Olek mp3
  10. Mr. Bizz (deepindub) – Nebulosa Solare mp3
  11. mica (symbiont music) – nighteyes
  12. Ryko (auflegware) – 1984 mp3
  13. Mujuice (igloo-rec) – Blink mp3
  14. sm0hm (HEXAWE) – blu+ sky mp3
  15. illl (Pulsar-Records) – Gone mp3
  16. Lifo (Pulsar-Records) – rolling bound – the bad boy in me mp3
  17. Trash80 (8bitpeoples) – Sodium Sonet mp3
  18. Bufi (The Poni Republic) – Homeless Hero mp3
  19. Nuuro (The Poni Republic) – A B C mp3
  20. PPS (Maltine Records) – MTK vs ROT (Late)

5 Gedanken zu „Podcast July 2008“

  1. i was thinking this morning– „its about time for a new machtdose podcast“ :) this will definitey keep me entertained this afternoon…. thanks!

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