Podcast July 2016

[Download link of the podcast episode is at the end of this post]


Lots of female voices at the beginning, some really nice guitar works, classical techno and relaxing ambient. In other words the same colorful bouquet as usual.

  1. sailboat thief – “having forgotten how to use their bodies” CC BY-NC
  2. Hello Time Travel – Bow Out CC BY-SA
  3. Paper Thieves – dambi CC BY-NC-SA
  4. Tiny Blue Ghost – Supernova [Flowerpot Records] CC BY-NC-SA
  5. Frau – Storm Over Cut [Parasite Lottery] CC BY-NC-SA
  6. Batty Blue – HEDON ft Baby Ghosts CC BY-NC-ND
  7. Optimist Park – Simulation CC BY
  8. Dr Chan – Liquid is the Soul [Buddy Records] CC BY
  9. Kiss Concert – Speech Speech CC BY-SA
  10. Gridline – These Waves Of You [Bumpfoot foot253] CC BY-NC-SA
  11. SIKADA – Sonorous [Outtallectuals OUTTA026] CC BY-NC-ND
  12. Nordgroove – Red Box [Mnmn Records MNMN376] CC BY-NC-ND
  13. Synapsis – The Sun CC BY-SA
  14. Guearra & Rammsy – Turba [Pueblo Nuevo pn106] CC BY-SA
  15. Zarevo – Closed Outside [Mahorka mhrk173] CC BY-NC
  16. VAN17INO6 – DX3 LX3 TX3 CC BY
  17. Sergey Cheremisinov – Closer To You CC BY
  18. Nar – Blue (ft. Versio) CC BY
  19. Léo Lunel – Yogurt (ft. Ennaej) [Horeazon Records] CC BY-NC-SA
  20. Chalk Dinosaur – Green Fox CC BY

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10 Antworten auf Podcast July 2016

  1. Chris sagt:

    Frustrated… Just can’t download this episode. The RSS feed doesn’t work.
    Hey, feed us by hand then: we’re hungry for more!
    Thanks a lot for fixing it, mate.

    And big THX for the music you share. Always quality here, and sooo much discoveries. I like when people accept to share music with such good taste.

  2. Roland sagt:

    Dear Chris, thanks for your Feedback and the Kind words. I’ve checked the feed, but can’t reproduce the reported issues. I’m using feedburner for the delivery of the rss-feeds, as this means that the links are with a tracking URL, maybe this is the issue. Could you try alternatively the original feed: http://machtdose.de/tag/podcast/feed – does this help (then you have the direct download links).

  3. Roland sagt:

    (I just realized that Chris meant the Download link was missing, dumb me. It’s back now.)

  4. Paul sagt:

    Wieder Mal eine sehr gute Auswahl, ich kann nur erahnen, wieviel Arbeit dahinter steckt. Keep up!

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