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Podcast October 2007

For the cover I used a photo by Hiddenson [CC BY-NC-ND]

By my own standards this is a show with a darker tone as usual (although it isn’t really dark), e. g. there’s a trend to distortion sounds, anyway, you could still dance to it most of the time. Also it is the first episode with a commercial break (you know why).

  1. mopen flot (nonstopnonsense. netLab) – frost flowers mp3
  2. Weigl & Hoffmann (Autoplate) – Home mp3
  3. Muxu (monotonik) – Hishiko mp3
  4. Norman Creed (Auflegware) – Senses mp3
  5. Ian Asher (Politicide) – szym mp3
  6. Freund der Familie (broque) – Bounuts mp3
  7. Lulu Kaine (Chew-Z) – Radiations From Futurist Furniture mp3
  8. tiny creatures (birdsong) – the bing bang mp3
  9. Company of Big Beats (Schnurstrax Records) – d.mittens mp3
  10. Lush Puppy (Postunder Records) – Metajet Jazz mp3
  11. adaptive (diplomatik) – veto mp3
  12. K.D. Expression (Electrosound) – Unfriendly Landscapes mp3
  13. David Granha (Teorema) – Always Alone mp3
  14. Loran Valdek (stratospherik) – Be Alone mp3
  15. Granlab (kreislauf) – Backyard Wildlife mp3
  16. Markus Newton (kreislauf) – Springonmoon mp3
  17. Pool Reverse (Rithmus) – Microessence mp3
  18. Phase Shifts (Amduscias Records) – Vanilla Sprinkles mp3
  19. Roostex (Beardology Records) – Sweet Buttery Drizzle mp3
  20. Vernon LeNoir (Ego Twister) – Bazerkle Basement mp3
  21. Popular Workshop (Tribute to John Peel) – All About Vikki mp3

10 Gedanken zu „Podcast October 2007“

  1. hallo roland,
    vielen dank für die glückwünsche zum geburtstag! wie immer eine wunderbare sendung – und auch ich entdecke bei dir immer wieder neue perlen!
    ich freu mich auf berlin, und dass ich dich endlich mal live kennen lerne.
    viele grütze

  2. Hey there Roland,

    Just dropping in to congratulate your choice of cover art :)
    More seriously, it was nice to find about this by surprise.
    Anyway, I’m off to download your selection now.

    Take care,


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