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Machtdose Podcast October 2010

Podcast October 2010

Machtdose Podcast October 2010

This month we have a little delay, because we had first to realize the new & shiny Machtdose Design. Hope you like it! So I’ve done a quick & dirty produced episode which is nevertheless one of the longest ever and full with Popstuff, Techvibes and everything else. Don’t forget to share the thing & we would love to hear your opinion about it…

  1. Coax – Starfire [soft phase 14]
  2. Talvihorros – The Blue Cathedral [Bad Panda Records 045]
  3. Zeptosound – Duet [WM Recordings 111]
  4. politru – That during demo [Altema Records 14]
  5. dream mechanics – screensaver
  6. Multi-Panel – Mislead March [No-Source 016]
  7. Garmisch – Uddling [blocsonic 010]
  8. I Am Not Lefthanded – Boats (Swept Away) [Free Music Contest 2010 Sampler]
  9. Allison Weiss – I Was an Island [DIY Musicians 5]
  10. entertainment for the braindead – A friend
  11. Maps & Transit – Ponds [Camomille 003]
  12. Ketsa – Recollection (time distant echo) [BFW Recordings 070]
  13. Nienvox – My Hand Makes Circle In The Sunset Air [*export]
  14. Third Person Lurkin – Churning Vapours [Dusted Wax Kingdom 066]
  15. Viola – Popsicle Summer [Viola Music Club]
  16. Mary Cigarettes – Burning bridges that never really mattered [Corpid extra 030]
  17. Convaire – Gate Track [modularfield]
  18. GBSR – Give it to the Drummer [IDM Forum 010]
  19. omara – for you [omaramusic 010]
  20. Drugstore – Anphybia (Mootiv Remix) [Zimmer Records 059]
  21. 89.0 FM – Time [deep-x Recordings 103]
  22. adustam – 2 [Sayonara Records 025]

Creative Commons License

Podcast August 2010

For the cover I used a photo by Claudio Mufarrege [CC BY-NC-SA]

As the most times we start very cautious to get more tempo until the endand again you have the whole way from dreamy, melancholic melodies to danceable stuff (for instance a real funk bomb is waiting for you…). I hope you like it and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

  1. Cldscp – Sade [LibreCommeLair Carte Blanche 04]
  2. Maps & Transit – Sacred Harps [Camomille 001]
  3. Geotic – At Our Cabin In The Woods [@ freemusicarchive]
  4. Mosaic Mosaic – On Return (with Vlantis) [Bump Foot 147]
  5. Miltata – Romara [MiMi Records 144]
  6. akey – Fallen Leaves [MiMi Records 139]
  7. The Best Pessimist – The Sea, The Night, The Stars, The Light [Lost Children 084]
  8. Korine Conception – Glow In Transparancy Aurora [BfW Recordings 035 & StoneAge Records 025]
  9. AlDDao – Crazy love show [Rawmatroid Class 002]
  10. Azoora – Tension [23seconds 047]
  11. Jovenes y Sexys – Divine Hammer (Nuuro Re-Remake) [The Poni Republic]
  12. Bazooka Circus – Mafuf Hearts [Gluteus Maximus]
  13. Bacalao – Sonate pour viole de gambe et clavecin [@freemusicarchive]
  14. Funk Ferret – I Gotta Funky Thing [Budabeats 014]
  15. Elphy Ant – Torment [Bump Foot 146]
  16. KenLo Craqnuques – Lokombe moka [@ freemusicarchive]
  17. Makkadessia – Moonou (Ill-Luzion Remix) [Wavelike 02]
  18. Subsotano – Perricot [Qubit Sound 012]
  19. James McConaghew – Coldlime [rawmatroid club 001]
  20. Marc Bestgen – Best Lap Pool [Audiocast Productions 030]

Creative Commons License

Podcast July 2010

For the cover I used a photo by eliot.


Two weeks after the month has started – I’m really, really late. Sorry for that, but otherwise you now have a show full with 22 tracks – and hopefully some variety and surprises. We have excellent pop songs, techno, filter house and whatelse you want. Listen and enjoy. In the show I’ve mentioned the Free! Music! Contest, you can find all infos about it here

  1. Maxime Robin – Ode à Cowbella [Fresh Poulp Records 047]
  2. Mint×The Lasttrak – よりどりみどり ー ver.MINT (Dubstep Me“Crazy“The Lasttrak Remix) [Maltine Records 074]
  3. Analog Workshop – The Devil is Digital [test tube 207]
  4. Sina – Reasons to leave [Tres Catorce 017]
  5. Fabrizio Paterlini & March Rosetta – Forever Blue [test tube 208]
  6. Monokle & Galun – Two Times [12rec 062]
  7. Jason Hunter & The Great Red Shark – Wander With Me [Bad Panda Records 031]
  8. Ginger does ‚em all – 君のうんこは僕のセンチメンタル [Maltine Records 072]
  9. Kamp! – Distance of the modern hearts [Brennessel 008]
  10. mong blong – mein ding [mOOdS pLAtEAU]
  11. Himuro – Pay For What [Bedroom Research 027]
  12. Johnny Ripper – winter (feat. ekoda map) [PlusPlus 011]
  13. ESDLCP (el sueño de la casa propia) – Sosiégate! [Pueplo Nuevo 058]
  14. Omyiga – Waimea Park [Pavillon36 Recordings 048]
  15. Danieto – Fevero [Tropic 61]
  16. lenares – dreams tape [broque 62]
  17. Lazzich – Down [Passage 007]
  18. The Unique Matter – Light Coctail [sologroove 35]
  19. RE:NDZ – button A button B [Maltine Records 071]
  20. 0p0 – Getters and Setters [NoisNois 20]
  21. Digital Human – Crime in The City [Mac-Trax 003]
  22. KZS – Megumi Gets Down [Maltine Records 070]

Creative Commons License

Free! Music! Contest 2010

I was invited to take part in the jury of the Free! Music! Contest 2010 which has started today.

Here’s an extract of the announcing text:

To promote Creative Commons licensed music and the musicians behind it, Musikpiraten e.V. launches this year once again the Free! Music! Contest.
Until the end of July, musicians and bands who are releasing their music under a Creative Commons license, can register for the contest. Until August 22th there will be an additional remix-phase: the participating artists are invited to submit single stems or acapellas in addition to the individual songs. By submitting individual tracks or the submission of music videos, the chance to be added onto the sampler that will be a result of the contest, will be increased – if only just a little bit.

A panel of music bloggers, artists and netlabel enthusiasts then decides who will be promoted on the Free! Music! Sampler 2010. It will be made available as a free download and also be pressed on CD. The highlight of the Free! Music! Contest will be on October second: a party at the Wiesbaden Kreativfabrik.

Please visit the Free! Music! Contest site itself for more details (e. g. how you can contribute or support).

Aqual(o)unge 5

In this month again not a regular show: instead of it I give you the fifth volume of our Aqual(o)unge series where I collect aquatic sounds all around from the netlabel world. And for the first time I would really call this a „mix“ – meaning that this thing is more than only the sum of its parts.

While the Aqual(o)unges vol. 1 to 4 were more located in the deep blue sea, we’re now going to the surface for a voyage of discovery to strange island and lagoons. I hope you have the same fun taking the trip as me doing it.

For this time I recommend the download of the file instead of listening via the Soundcloud stream (due to a better sound quality).

  1. TREBLA.CC – phoenix vs. aquarius CC BY-NC
  2. AKU AKU – papheus [schall_021] CC BY-NC-ND
  3. PINKLOGIK – electro daisychain [Section 27 s27-043] CC BY-NC-ND
  4. WAVEFORM – dub inside of us (re-edit) [deeplimit dplm10] CC BY-NC-ND
  5. TANOX- al silenci [Hipi Duki Muzik 03] CC BY-NC-ND
  6. SLOW – miracle [Resting Bell rb071] CC BY-NC-ND
  7. MANTSEVICH DZENIS & MYSZKOWSKI – september [schall_030] CC BY-NC-ND
  8. ABSOLUTE TIME – aristotle [Yuki Yaki YkYk018] CC BY-NC-ND
  9. L_CIO – baixo monoton mix [White In Music 17] Free Download
  10. IMACHI AKIRA – untitled [Electronica 09] Free Download
  11. DOCKS (ship) – granulation 2 [Reverse Engine rer07] CC BY-NC-SA
  12. MON0 – c. h. ord [Kreislauf 071] CC BY-NC-ND
  13. ECHO LOGIC – nice day out in fields [Breathe Compilation brh04] CC BY-NC-ND
  14. DOYEQ – ballet in a box [Passage PASS03] CC BY-NC-ND
  15. MOLVEN – back to originary landscape [Laverna Lav28] CC BY-NC-ND
  16. PERLSSDJ – american dream (native rmx) [Breathe Compilation brh04] CC BY-NC-ND
  17. HOAX – progress [Qunabu qnb009] CC BY-SA
  18. ALLESANDRO CRIMI – machines [broque 059] CC BY-NC-ND
  19. ELITE ATHLETE – elite athlete [Mimi mi122] CC BY-NC-ND
  20. FESCAL – lethal industry [Bypass bp056] CC BY-NC-ND
  21. TIM SUSA – i wish [broque 052] CC BY-NC-ND
  22. MAX CAVALERRA – bullet of choice (coproduced with patrick baer) [broque 061] CC BY-NC-ND
  23. SENSOREAL – alberts last dream [sologroove slgrv_32] CC BY-NC-ND
  24. CHRISTOPH SCHINDLING – vacation Free Download
  25. HOT ARCTIC – hot arctic [Electronica 21] Free Download