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Free! Music! Week! Dienstag: Tom Carter (March Rosetta / Menhirs of Er Grah)

Heute bin ich spät dran mit der Dienstagsempfehlung, na egal.

Diesmal geht es um Tom Carter, der unter mindestens zwei Projektnamen firmiert (das sind jedenfalls die beiden, die ich kenne), einmal als March Rosetta und in der etwas folkigeren Variante als Menhirs of Er Grah. Soweit ich weiß, lebt Tom in London und auch zeitweise wohl in Berlin.

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Free! Music! Week Montag: The Ghost of 3.13

Da dachte ich, sollten wir dann doch nicht fehlen:

#37cc – eine Woche freie Musik

Sieben Tage, sieben Nächte, sieben Bands – 37cc, so lautet das Motto der ersten Free! Music! Week vom 8.3.2010 bis zum 14.3.2010. Das Konzept ist simpel: Jeder, der daran teilnehmen möchte, präsentiert jeden Tag eine Band, die ihre Musik unter einer Creative Commons-Lizenz veröffentlicht. Damit auch der Rest der Welt etwas davon mitbekommt, werden die Beitäge per Twitter und identi.ca mit dem Hashtag #37cc verbreitet und zusätzlich per Trackback oder Pingback auf musik.klarmachen-zum-aendern.de eingetragen.

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Podcast March 2010

For the cover I used a photo by photographer padawan *(xava du) [CC BY-NC-SA]

Another fine selection for this month I think. We have Jimi Hendrix meets Drum and Bass, the return of some well-known artists like Henrik José, Ghost of 3.13 and Entertainment for the Brainded, at the end the solid Samplemania-stuff of Maltine Records and an excellent Hip-Hop-Track. Enjoy and give us some applaus or boos – just as you like!

  1. Hands – Hold (Remix by Bear Rocks Moon) [Headphonica 077]
  2. Fed. – Machine Gun [Sociopath Recordings 167]
  3. Emerald Park – At the Mall [af-music 032 & 23 seconds 042]
  4. Spell 336 – Dreamworld [BFW Recordings 032]
  5. Entertainment For The Braindead – Patience [aaahh-records 009]
  6. Indie Art Wedding – Hidup Itu Pendek Seni Itu Panjang [Yes No Wave Music 037]
  7. Stereoshape – That’s the spirit [iD.EOLOGY 057]
  8. Henrik José – The Little Things [23 seconds 041]
  9. Boywithoutmemory – Sepia [Weisskalt / Blauwarm 025]
  10. digitube – Walk Like This [Public Spaces Lab 016]
  11. Xenoton – Cantus [tonAtom 106]
  12. Tetarise – Locked deep inside [Aventuel 013]
  13. The Ghost of 3.13 – The Garden [Sociopath Recordings 164]
  14. Logical Disorder – Secret Society [Crazy Language 030]
  15. Mocca – It’s Midnight Now – Pascal Vert Remix [OC-Records]
  16. Falk – Emergency Room [Prakteek Sound 015]
  17. .Khi – Pehmeningsoe [Phonocake 62]
  18. The Yellow Chair – Renfe a Figueres [NoisNois 018]
  19. Nameless Dancers – Morning News [Bump Foot 133]
  20. monofrog_4sk – midnight slumber [Maltine Records 65]
  21. Ginger does’em all – baby [Maltine Records 63]
  22. Sagesse & Crookram – Warrior [Bankrupt Recordings 001]

Creative Commons License
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CC-Music-Selection by Machtdose for Creative Commons at Free Music Archive

Independently from our last curation we were also invited lately for doing another music selection for Creative Commons itself. Which is again a big honour for us! You can find the selection there at the Free Music Archive. This is a portal which started last year and which has grown tremendously in this short time. You really can get lost there for hours and will find a bunch of excellent music there.

I’ve decided to give a little overview over the last few years and to present some of the tracks which are still one of my favourites. Some true classics I still listen to on a regular basis. Could be a good start if the whole CC-thing is new to you – but even if you’re involved you could still find some nice discoveries out of my list.

Podcast February 2010

For the cover I used a photo by Xerones [CC BY-NC]

We’re late this month. Anyhow, I hope it was worth to wait. This time it is a very ambient start and this lasts the whole first half of the show – perfect to survive the sh*tty weather we have right now, – but the other, more up-tempo half should keep you warm too.

  1. zmitser von holzman – shshsh [Zimmer-Records 049]
  2. Uniform Motion – Rain and Soil [aahhh-records 008 / no-source 007]
  3. Moji Moji – El dia que los niños tomaron el poder [Hipi Duki Muzik 03]
  4. Doyeq – Ballet In A Box [Passage 003]
  5. molven – back to originary landscape [Laverna 28]
  6. .tape. – La educación por la paz a toda la población en el camino de la instauración de una Cultura de Paz [phlow.es]
  7. gillicuddy – instrumental #2 [Clinical Archives 350]
  8. Hanom Ausse – Culebras Na Bodega [A Regueifa]
  9. Clutter – A Brilliant Epigram [Clinical Archives 346]
  10. Elco Park – Kaleidoscopic Flower Patterns [Spontan Musik 011]
  11. the menu – moss eisley canapé [Silenced 004]
  12. Blind Foley – Swell Box [Renegade Screw 03]
  13. Feigin – Running from Yakuza [Dusted Wax Kingdom 047]
  14. Nyko Maca + Playground – What We Gonna Do [QED Records 4258]
  15. Das blaue Monster – Nur ein Tag [Der kleine grüne Würfel 09]
  16. Blaque Unit – How Bad [Tonkultur Berlin 23]
  17. Josh Winiberg – Nocturne [Kreislauf 081]
  18. Vicnet – Handicapped Lover [da! heard it records 12]
  19. Anamanaguchi – Helix Nebula [8bitpeoples 65 / Kazoomzoom 007]
  20. The Moot – Spaceman [Kazoomzoom 007]

Creative Commons License

Podcast January 2010

For the cover I used a photo by Éole [CC BY-NC-SA]

Happy new year from Machtdose, we’re coming with a – as I think – lovely new episode. A lot of stuff I missed during the last year or even before which I now put in one show, but also as always some new releases from the last weeks. Let us know what you think about it…

  1. Laura Stevenson – Baby Bones [Quote Unquote Records 019]
  2. Kelly Latimore – The Gospel According to Mark [Cllct: Songs of Incarnation]
  3. Crepusculum – We Are Twilight [12rec 060]
  4. Eurasia. – The End of the Autumn [MiMi Records 123]
  5. Raganova – Freedom (Nove Mapy remix) [Sologroove 30]
  6. adamned.age – dust in the cold light of day [PublicSpaces Lab 013]
  7. Evgeny Grinko – Singing machine [Clinical Archives 339]
  8. Minimal States – Lake Effect [Clinical Archives 292 / Digital Kunstrasen 057 + Cyclene Records 035]
  9. Ketsa – Last Sun [BFW Recordings 028]
  10. Derrick Hart – Sunchild [12rec 059]
  11. The Sunshine Factory – My Sugar Cane [BFW Recordings 020 + 022]
  12. The Wild – The City That Never Sleeps [Quote Unquote Records 028]
  13. Post Human Era – You In The Future [Clinical Archives 337]
  14. Phat Koknoz – Clinging [Renegade Screw 02]
  15. fforet – without [WEARK.ntlbl 012]
  16. Hoax – Progress [Qunabu 009]
  17. Daz Furey – Mestastasis [Pasted Future 009]
  18. BokBoolekk – Venture [WEARK.ntlbl 010]
  19. giulio maresca – bobo rocketto [Signorafranca 50]
  20. Pr. Solstice – What’s Said About Silence [Pharmacom Records 058]

Creative Commons License