Podcast September 2009

For the cover I used a photo by Kristaps B. [CC BY]

Back at last! I hope you’ve missed us a little bit. It really took over three months before I got internet connection in my new home, can you believe it? Anyways, of course we probably missed a lot of netaudio gems in the meantime. I just made a quick tour through the last months releases, so don’t blame me please if I have overlooked something profound for this show. Also I now have an extra room for my desk, but it is a really small one and has still naked walls – that must be the reason why my moderations are sounding so sh*tty, like I’m sitting in a bathtub or what. I will try to make this better for the next month (yay! we’re going in monthly periods back again). So all in all: a quick and quirky recorded thingie here, but I hope you like it, because on the other side we have really great stuff, songs I’ve played for a wedding, wall-of-sounds (or: douching guitars) and especially the second half of the show goes directly through the ceiling in my opinion. Let me know, what you think.

  1. Coax – Artemis Dream 1 [soft phase 04]
  2. Mobystow – Tariel [edogm 023]
  3. Nuuro – Cotacachi! [The Poni Republic]
  4. Manual – Marbella (Live at the Troubadour) [Lost Children 071]
  5. Nic Bommarito – Hymn for 200 Sugar Packets [12rec 058]
  6. Gone [x3] – Dub as The Wind [Dusted Wax Kingdom 037]
  7. Orquestra Popular De Paio Pires – Cinnamon Walls [Clinical Archives 262]
  8. Transient – Water medecine [Apegenine / Camomille]
  9. Ventolyn And Becotyde – Field [Pavillon36]
  10. Breakfast – Morning Folks [Natural Media 11]
  11. Son of Akira – Panhandler Interlude [IDM Forums 003]
  12. Red Box Recorder – Unabomber [acroplane 056]
  13. Bitbasic – I love flin [rec72]
  14. Lefrenk – Telxíope [Rawmatroid Club 007]
  15. Qk – Valencia (booiamrudolf Remix) [monofónicos 004]
  16. Tim Susa – the spiral [broque 052]
  17. Psychosonic – Brainwaves [Zimmer 045]
  18. Chaircrusher – Sergeant Ridiculous (Chris O’Grady Remix) [Cornwarning]
  19. DJ Newton – 2005 [Maltine Records 039]
  20. George Blunt – Mommy [Tonstube 005]
  21. Synaecide – Dissolve (featuring Dima Shafro) [IDM Forums 005]
  22. Noise Beat Propaganda – Can’t Let You Go [The Poni Republic]

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Podcast May 2009

Hi all, this month we have some special conditions. I was moving right now to a new dwelling and I won’t have any internet at home probably for the next six weeks (yeah, this sucks really – happens due to the stupidity of the internet provider I’ve chosen…) So I do a quick & dirty posting here from an internet café round my new corner, we have now this month a special feature: as a matter of prudence I’ve pre-produced this time the episode to prevent a gap in publishing and have chosen to introduce the wonderful – the „Collective Family“ site – where you find a lot of fantastic music. I hope this month episode gives you the right impression.

I’m not sure when I will be back, but of course then you will also get all the great releases of the netlabel world we missed in the meantime.

  1. Rye ’n Clover – Sing the Sad [Album: Pencils, Paper & Scissors]
  2. Kelly Latimore – The Gospel According to Luke New Economy [Album: Songs and the Local Birds]
  3. Homecomings – Towers and Trash [Album: Homecomings]
  4. Alex Roc & The Penitents – Love is gonna make us [Album: Big White Room]
  5. blueberry fist – Man of War [Album: bluberry fist]
  6. go down, matthew – the world is against us [Album: come on tanelorn]
  7. Patrick Canning – When all mass has stopped moving [Album: The Pervert]
  8. Two Istbones – Shinkansen [Album: Turtle Shell Rain]
  9. Johnny West – Disowned Umbrellas [Album: An Absence of Sway]
  10. Fabrizio Paterlini – Veloma [Album: Viandanze]
  11. MUTE – The Thief [Album: Pavement Politics Vol.1]
  12. Tinyfolk – The Animals are Watching [Album: Remarkable Renewal of Your Body Hen]
  13. Giuseppe – Array of Sunshine [Astor Bell 003]
  14. bellbirds – bending blood [Album: bellbirds]
  15. Mouse and the Love & Light Orkestra – Dirty Water [Album: MOUSE]
  16. The Owls Go – finn [Album: horse and warrior]
  17. moor hound – Enduring World [Album: Enduring World EP]
  18. Ryland Bouchard – Bye Bye Love III [Album: SEEDS (Part One)]
  19. James Eric – Cupid’s Shooting Blanks (kim) [Album: Leftovers for Lovers]
  20. Wisdom Tooth – my party [Album: cathedral park]

Note: the first version of unfortunately went down, but luckily enough they’re back now. Effect is that the most of the once hosted albums are also gone. I’ve tried to replace the mp3-links from other resources or the new cllct-site if possible.

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Podcast April 2009

For the cover I used a photo by baboon [CC BY-NC]

This time really counts the beat: we have a lot of instrumental / abstract hiphop stuff and various urban-world music pieces, samples of Charles Manson and Sergio Leone’s „Duck You Sucker“, some elegic chansons and more netlabels than usual which we never played before. Fun is guarenteed.

  1. Nobara Hayakawa – Homelessness [intervall-audio 005]
  2. northvia – closer [Lost Children 061]
  3. Beautiful Bird – Japan 8mm [stigae music 011]
  4. The Collapsible Mammals – Summering [Vaatican Records Sampler 9]
  5. Azeda Booth – Samoan Girls [23seconds 031]
  6. Fucksia – Glisan [muertepop 015]
  7. Bulimic Orgy – Put Stones In My Hands [Dusted Wax Kingdom 034]
  8. edison – the ghosts in this building are absolutely serious [IVDT 069]
  9. Heinemann521 – Numb Collective [MiMi Records 105]
  10. Skip – Eye Earth [Caoutchou Records 002]
  11. &Lz – L’irrémédiable [Knovel Records 007]
  12. Hey Chica! – Issues [The Poni Republic]
  13. Yellowhead – Birdie’s Life [Heavy Mental 56]
  14. The Last Merendina – Pepita Monita! [Barbie Noja Records 022]
  15. Makac – March of the Beggars [Vaatican Records Sampler 11]
  16. Vernon Lenoir – Cudna Jada Od Mostara Grada [Proot Records 007]
  17. Renzu – Kuda-gitsune [Bump Foot 096]
  18. Phour Trakk – Bhang Lassi [Cologne Commons 001 + Ideology 051]
  19. RuiD – Astral Code 9 [bypass 022]
  20. Slava – Come Closer [Moment Sound 006]
  21. Sascha Müller – Contrast [diggarama 032]
  22. Portabot – Out [12rec 055]

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Podcast March 2009

For the cover I used a photo by monkeyinfez [CC BY-NC-SA]

This time we have a show which has maybe not so spectacular single tracks, but is held in a pleasant relaxing mode, just let it go and take the ride. At the end you find additionally some nice hip hop.

  1. Kids On Holidays – Play a Mobile Phone [Merzbau 0041]
  2. EugeneKha – Moonshine [Bypass 019]
  3. Projekt404 – Lütte Damperreis [ 009]
  4. Hechtbam & the Sorz – Turn [Phonocake 53]
  5. Tape Recorder – Sayonara [groovecaffe 015]
  6. Hidekazu Wakabayashi – le jolie coeur [Webbed Hand Records 113]
  7. Seekae – Crooks [Elpamusic 16]
  8. pieR – Parapluie en papier [Fresh Poulp 031]
  9. monokao – love song [inoquo 047]
  10. f.l.o. – memories [arteqcue 025]
  11. 8GB – Lemon Prize (xtndd Mix) [8bitpeoples 093]
  12. Coova and Bud Melvin – Sjutton [8bitpeoples 094]
  13. Sr.Click – A irreversible damage [inoquo 049]
  14. Alex Shnur – The Reason (Worm Remix) [Deepx Recordings 048]
  15. A-S-D & Bo – Lera [Prakteek 006]
  16. Mothboy – Endless Summer [acroplane 041]
  17. Blok One – Gio Bleue [Techkilla 017]
  18. Just Plain Ant – Still Dreamin‘ (feat. Jay Slim) [Blocsonic Originals 001]
  19. Pix – Azur et crépuscule (Feat. Solistose) [Fresh Poulp 032]
  20. Blessed House – Debt Collector [Budabeats 008]

Blessed House – Debt Collector

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Aqual(o)unge 3


For the cover I used a photo by +gAbY+ [CC BY 2.0]

[Edit 2013: This mix has been released at in 2008. As it isn’t directly available there anymore and we’re also re-releasing our mix now with a new cover we deleted the original text. No harming against the original publisher. We ask for your understanding]

  1. MR. BIZZ – nebulosa solare [Deep in Dub did020] CC BY-NC-ND
  2. PARAMETRIC – panuec [Sgustok Music NET 002] Free Download
  3. MOOORPH – log_01 Free Download
  4. JOE FRAWLEY – ritual research [Clinical Archives ca195] CC BY-NC-ND
  5. UMBRELLAS IN THE RAIN – moment of life [test tube tube142] CC BY-NC-ND
  6. ROOFTOP ACCESS – clavisa third focus [Laridae laridae042] CC BY-NC-ND
  7. LAZZICH FEAT. LEAVE MOTTE – night jingle – [Fragment FRAG002] Free Download
  8. EMANUELE ERRANTE – fecunda [The Silent Ballet LostChildren051] CC BY-NC-ND
  9. MEGATONE – imago mundi nova pt 2 [Enough Records enrmp181] CC BY-NC-SA
  10. THE DANDELION COUNCIL – des canyons aux etoiles [Archaic Horizon AH028] CC BY-NC-ND
  11. CRISOPA – algo cián [Addsensor 009] CC BY-NC-SA
  12. CHECHNYAN LOVE – convergent evolution [Clear Cut Records c-c-rec_mp3_015] Free Download
  13. NEW DELHI FM – passengers along heroin charities – [Der kleine gruene Würfel wuerfel07] CC BY-NC-ND
  14. KEHLNAHT – freitagsoszillation – [Intoxik 31] CC BY-NC-ND
  15. CLEARCOM – vibraphone – [Valiza Tools VT31] CC BY-NC-ND
  16. CARLO – carmencita [Flumo Recordings flm027] CC BY
  17. FABIENNE – embrion love [Qunabu qnb006] CC BY-NC-ND
  18. AUDIODUMP – light flakes [Breathe Compilation brh02] CC BY-NC-ND
  19. MEXICANCHANGOZ – +-+ [Series Media sern28] CC BY-NC-ND
  20. IAN HAWGOOD – in a cabin in scotland with my family – [12rec.053] CC BY-NC-SA
  21. MEGATONE – imago mundi nova pt 3 [Enough Records enrmp181] CC BY-NC-SA