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Time is of the essence

Everything in this clip is so delightfully through-composed. The result of being patient.

»A group of unassuming residential towers in Oslo’s Grorud Valley neighborhood have been transformed into the stars of Cold Mailman’s music video ‚Time is of the essence‘ directed by André Chocron. Taking full advantage of the density of the towers, Chocron set up multiple cameras at various angles in order to shoot a sequence of time lapse videos from sundown to sunup. What looks like an intricately choreographed light show, is cleverly composited in post-production.« (via)

First Of the Year

Don’t miss these clips…

Apparat – »Black Water« directed by Ben Reed. Apparat is one of our alltime faves. His new album is a step further into international territory.

The Naked And Famous – »The Sun« directed by Joel Kefali & Campbell Hooper. A nude pair making love with a lot of feeling and energy. The song is just super.

Sigur Rós – »Klippa« directed by Sarah Hopper. Atmospherically dense. You wait for the music till the end of the clip. But in vain.

Chromeo – »When The Night Falls« directed by Daniels. As always, their new clip ranges between gender-stereotyped approach and 80s glam.

Die Vögel – »Fratzengulasch« directed by Katharina Duve & Timo Schierhorn. Vintage photographs come to life.

John Maus – »Head For The Country« directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford. »Head For the Country« appears on Maus‘ new record »We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves«. Be careful: The clip is aligned to the cold season.

New Romance

Miles Fisher, cast member of »Final Destination 5« with a kind of »advertising campaign«, a music clip called »New Romance« directed by Dave Green. The clip is a bloody parody of the american television sitcom »Saved By The Bell«. Awesome!


Das großartige, neue Björk-Video darf hier keinesfalls fehlen. Altmeister Michel Gondry hat Regie geführt, und das nicht zum ersten Mal. »Crystalline« ist bereits Film Nummer 8, den die isländische Sängerin gemeinsam mit dem Franzosen gedreht hat. Laut Spex ist es »an der Zeit für eine kleine Werkschau von Gondrys Björk-Clips – in Form einer Hitliste«. Danke für diese Übersicht.

How I Know

After Panda Bears brilliant Surfer’s Hymn Video Toro y Moi has released the next big ghost story: »How I Know« directed by Jordan Kim. The story takes place in a large haunted house that is inhabited by ghost twins who are bent on killing a trio of bumbling dudes. Very nice!


Du alter Regen kannst uns mal. Holen wir uns die Farben eben aus der Glotze… »PONPONPON« ist dieses Jahr wohl nicht mehr zu toppen.


Watch Me Dance

Don’t miss these clips…

Camo & KrookedBreezeblock. Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands-White directed a somewhat loony music video for Camo & Krooked. The story is about an 80s game show presented with an extremely exaggerated dance battle. Video of the month!

Hooray For Earths (Cereal Spiller Remix) – »True Loves« directed by Cyriak. Very nicely animated patterns. You can get dizzy looking at all these lines.

Toddla T feat. Roots Manuva – »Watch Me Dance« directed by Rollo Jackson. Pop the pills!

Foster The People – »Helena Beat« directed by Ace Norton. More violence, this time by organized children gangs. In this post-apocalyptic music video a town is ran by young reprobates who capture the band.

Is Tropical – »The Greeks« directed by Megaforce. The short clip tells the story of kids playing war with toy guns, fully packed with graphic animated violence snooping for a scandal.

Tensnake – »Something About You« directed by Pondr. You can never start too early go clubbing.