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Podcast September 2008

For the cover I used a photo by peripathetic [CC BY-NC-SA]

The last days I was a little bit sick, therefore this has become a „quick and dirty“ produced episode, unfortunately especially all the moderation parts are really rubbish now, with volume and editing errors and a lot of noise in the background, sorry for that!

But I hope the episode is still endurable and you will enjoy it, because on the other side it’s full of great music, from guitars in slow movements to some nice dance parts. Also we have a bunch of new labels this month, with other words: there’s still a lot to discover out there…

  1. Pollux (Amduscias Records) – Monkey On The Moon mp3
  2. Sinuso Dial – Biology Part 1 mp3
  3. Thomas Maos (Zenapolæ) – chloe (to boris vian) mp3
  4. Ghosts and Strings (Resting Bell) – judgement day mp3
  5. entertainment for the braindead (aaahh records / aerotone) – run! mp3
  6. Human Terminal (rec72) – Earth Breath mp3
  7. Paradice (Deepwise) – Sunday mp3
  8. Planet Boelex & Lisa’s antenna (soft phase) – Angels mp3
  9. VERTICAL67 (acroplane) – Airwave mp3
  10. madame wish (insectorama) – Palline mp3
  11. Daniel Gardner (Thinner) – Under The Shower Tower mp3
  12. Hagen [B.] – M I Missing U (Zuckermann’s Radio Edit)
  13. Automatic Tasty (acroplane) – Big Bad mp3
  14. The Upstairs (Yes No Wave Music) – Televisi mp3
  15. A Smile for Timbuctu (Kazoomzoom) – Discomutante mp3
  16. Risch (petite&jolie) – And then the morning came mp3
  17. Bogdan (arhiva7) – Opus No. 2 mp3
  18. Laszlo Hollyfield (Rithmus) – Madrid mp3
  19. New Delhi FM (der kleine grüne Würfel) – Cable Pollution Results mp3
  20. Evil of Pain (SKRM1) – Souvenir mp3

Podcast August 2008

Machtdose site itself is on hiatus now, but there’s a podcast episode for this month – just a little belated. The first third of it is cosy and quiet, but you’ll also have Punk and New Wave Electro, Hip Hop Hurrays, Music (not only) for Kids, Chiptunes on Breakbeats and so on. Enjoy and leave a message if you want.

  1. Pix (Fresh Poulp records) – To Begin Again mp3
  2. Peter Broderick (Lost Children) – Atlantic mp3
  3. RL/VL (acroplane) – Connemara Bay mp3
  4. Jimmy Behan (Zymogen) – Box of Broken Things mp3
  5. daily misconceptions (MiMi) – hopen mp3
  6. Let’s Drive To Alaska (Muertepop) – Astrud mp3
  7. Ad.R (test tube) – Short Movie Song mp3
  8. ivo deutschmann (white in music) – good night mp3
  9. El Zoológico (Kazoomzoom) – Penguin and Sea Lion mp3
  10. craquetone (sologroove) – chustocka mp3
  11. Daniel Maze (12rec) – Herons Are Mellow mp3
  12. The Sleeping Tree (12rec) – You’ve Got To Be Strong mp3
  13. Homeland (23seconds) – Forever Eyes mp3
  14. The Transisters (afmusic) – Walking On A Blackhole mp3
  15. Novedades Carminha (A Regueifa Plataforma) – Echame gel mp3
  16. Ca$h4otterz (headphonica) – Coping With Shed Fires mp3
  17. U-1 a. k. a. DJ Soungage (Maltine Records) – Soranouta Remix
  18. Tom Caruana (Budabeats) – Get It Off Your Chest mp3
  19. Joe Jetson a. k. a. Zézinho Junkface (Phonotactics) – Kid Chameleon
  20. Alexander Katar (Deep-X Recordings) – S. D. mp3
  21. dj newton (Maltine Records) – I gonna go to space mp3
  22. Dong (16 dimensional records) – omokage mp3

Podcast July 2008

For the cover I used a photo by FlySi [CC BY-NC-SA]

I have taken the opportunity and put some tracks in this episode which aren’t from recent releases and a bit older than usual. All in all we have mostly uplifting tunes which should bring you in a mood for dance. May the entertainment be with you.

  1. Nikouala (Bump Foot) – Gepetto’s Death mp3
  2. Sleeps in Oysters (luv sound) – Sea Flowers Blossom mp3
  3. The Real Tuesday Weld (Peppermill Records) – Last Days On Earth mp3
  4. joiejoiejoie (The Poni Republic) – Escalope de Dinde mp3
  5. boris balkan (solidalab) – junglized me (vocal digital visión) mp3
  6. The Ghost of 3.13 (Sociopath Recordings) – Life Is A Dream (Time To Wake Up) mp3
  7. retax gorgon (nonstopnonsense) – robot riot mp3
  8. Koen Park (headphonica) – Bye Bye Robot mp3
  9. Alic (+0 Lab) – Samba Olek mp3
  10. Mr. Bizz (deepindub) – Nebulosa Solare mp3
  11. mica (symbiont music) – nighteyes
  12. Ryko (auflegware) – 1984 mp3
  13. Mujuice (igloo-rec) – Blink mp3
  14. sm0hm (HEXAWE) – blu+ sky mp3
  15. illl (Pulsar-Records) – Gone mp3
  16. Lifo (Pulsar-Records) – rolling bound – the bad boy in me mp3
  17. Trash80 (8bitpeoples) – Sodium Sonet mp3
  18. Bufi (The Poni Republic) – Homeless Hero mp3
  19. Nuuro (The Poni Republic) – A B C mp3
  20. PPS (Maltine Records) – MTK vs ROT (Late)

Podcast June 2008

22 tracks in one show – more than ever. And it’s full of everything, I can promise. Nuff said. Just listen & have fun.

  1. West Point (Mimi) – We Are mp3
  2. Bosques de mi Mente (Clinical Archives) – la ultima vez que estuvimos todos juntos mp3
  3. Jan Grünfeld (headphonica) – rosenrot mp3
  4. b (fachada) (Merzbau) – A Primavera mp3
  5. The Twombley Spiders (No Type) – A Whole Bunch of Pretty Wrapped Around a Question Mark mp3
  6. transient (Camomille Music) – i won’t hurt you when your down mp3
  7. BEW (Acroplane) – Gwan Dub 180 (feat. Mark Knight) mp3
  8. Channel 3000 (Glam Slam) – Color TV mp3
  9. Chillheimer (Rumpfunk Records) – Space Based mp3
  10. Granlab (broque) – A sneaked suffer mp3
  11. Suhov (Budabeats) – Exx Fuck mp3
  12. Throwing Snow (Dusted Wax Kingdom) – Glisten mp3
  13. No more music komite (Miga) – At your convenience II mp3
  14. Slava (Moment Sound) – Oaks and Pines mp3
  15. The Wind Whistles (aaahh-records) – Good Friends won’t Rip you Off mp3
  16. Cof Cof – Sign Song mp3
  17. Aspera (Audio:808) – Acid mp3
  18. Aquilone (Muertepop) – Oslo 2 mp3
  19. Swampyboy (Sociopath Recordings) – Karlino mp3
  20. Lektrono (Flumo) – Espidifen 900 mg mp3
  21. Pestopan (iD.EOLOGY) – Clgn Sght Hrng mp3
  22. mikael knite (kreislauf) – fucking red carnation mp3

Podcast May 2008

For the cover I used a photo by _marmota [CC BY-NC-SA]

We have a few shorter songs this month, so the episode is relatively compact although we there are 19 songs in it. The first half of this episode has more a solemn / ambient atmosphere, in the middle you listen to abstract and downtempo beats followed by some poptunes with Spanish lyrics. After them we come – as so often before – to some kind of relaxed and danceable tracks. At the end: breakbeats and (mild) breakcore.

  1. Emanuel Salvador / Pau Casan (XS Records) – Salut d’Amour mp3
  2. Krowley (Autark) – I Saw my Lady Weep mp3
  3. max würden (tonAtom) – in der unterwelt mp3
  4. Near Death Xperience (2063music) – Die Leerheit mp3
  5. Pleq (Crazy Language) – Every Day Pressure mp3
  6. niteffect (kreislauf) – vintage photos mp3
  7. Lokua (Moment Sound) – Crystal Ball mp3
  8. Throwing Snow (Dusted Wax Kingdom) – Majesty mp3
  9. Explorer (Shoki Recordings) – Personal Hero mp3
  10. Holgado (trastienda) – Calefacción central mp3
  11. Souldelay (oneLoop) – All’s Gonna Be Alright mp3
  12. Crisalida + Capri (NullRepublik) – Cono Sur mp3
  13. Gordon Tebo (test tube) – Phone Home mp3
  14. StevieP (Stir) – Head Rush mp3

  15. jeff willett (clear cut records) – life organisms mp3
  16. R-STARK (Nulogic) – Bright_on home mp3
  17. Kev (feat. Mich) (Edensonic) – Subway mp3
  18. Photophob (laridae) – My Baby’s Got A Bar On Ganymed mp3
  19. No Trebles (WeirdAndWired) – Thats When The Acid Kicked In mp3

  20. That’s When The Acid Kicked In from Lucas on Vimeo.

Podcast April 2008

For the cover I used a photo by Annadriel [CC BY-NC-SA]

In this episode we have: excellent Hip Hop, a mix of traditional African and electronic music, IDM as you know it, some Minimal stompers, oceanic sounds, an orchestra on dance and a prologue at the end. Have fun!

  1. Der Reisende (laridae) – Stella Idlaviv mp3
  2. S-Master & Esco (Random Flow) – The Fifth Math of Goodness mp3
  3. D3Zs (Random Flow) – Childhood Memories mp3
  4. XYDZO (Pulsations For You) – a bali na bega mp3
  5. Moabi (Resting Bell) – Hey You mp3
  6. klabusta – me vs. me mp3
  7. LazioKasaa & Alec Cresp (Super 6 Records) – 10 a.m. Ciddy mp3
  8. Multimensch (Säurebad Records) – Floating With My 303 (Laid Back Mix) mp3
  9. Komponente (deeplimit) – Waiting mp3
  10. Ocralab (deepindub) – Aulos mp3
  11. Max Cavalerra (Broque) – Mono Bot mp3
  12. Morgenklang (Supafeed) – Dive Control mp3
  13. Daniel Carew (Yuki Yaki) – Romantic’s Semantics (Fax Remix) mp3
  14. Ursula (Pulsations For You) – Blue Eyed Train Stations mp3
  15. Crookram (Buda Beats) – Biggles mp3
  16. Audiotoolz (Sojus Records Network) – Song for K (Dream) mp3
  17. Prologue (Share My Wings) – You can mp3

Podcast March 2008

Ok, another Mixbag full of, well, nearly everything, but the last quarter is reserved for dark toned techno. Before we will have e. g. Gothic, Hiphop abstract and concrete, melodic D&B, Elektropop, Cleverrock, Singer & Songwriter-stuff and so on. Have fun.

  1. Kovacs (Budabeats) – Trip To Nomoreland mp3
  2. Josh Woodward (netbloc) – Shadows In The Moonlight mp3
  3. Parachutes (The Silent Ballet / Lost Children) – Your Stories mp3
  4. Ainm (ElectroSound) – A Song of Pilgrimage mp3
  5. Shelter (test tube) – The Swamp mp3
  6. deymare (tropic) – treehouse mp3
  7. iambic2 (laridae) – dust below the ground mp3
  8. Normaa (Fresh Poulp Records) – The Void Triumph mp3
  9. ThoTho (Dusted Wax Kingdom) – Eol Et Leo mp3
  10. Please (23 seconds) – And Then mp3
  11. Must Have Been Tokyo (Alpinechic) – Ahh mp3
  12. sabian (konsum productions) – rhode-o mp3
  13. G-Love (Top-40) – Teddy bear (Club version) mp3
  14. Hugoboy (Pozitron Records) – sweet pepper mp3
  15. dj laurent F. (solidalab) – locorauze (brunoreal rmx) mp3
  16. Evolent (Plex Records) – Rise and Fall mp3
  17. Fat Fredy (Rithmus) – Old Boys mp3
  18. Olympic Smoker (Shoki Recordings) – Unreversable mp3
  19. The Drifting Boulders (WM Recordings) – In memory of a one night stand mp3