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Podcast February 2008

Boy oh boy, this was again a month full with good music, so we have one of our longer episodes as result. I have made some cruel edits to some of the presented songs, but I ask for your understanding, otherwise the show itself would be too long (in my opinion). But what’s in it? something like that: jazzy tunes, funky beats, minimal, pop songs, dub house, breakbeats, dubstep, mandolins, Ibiza, folk pop, fantastic riffs, shoegaze, straight rock etc.

  1. Monostabil (Phonocake) – Elektromüll mp3
  2. iivix (Digital Vomit Records) – Maisy Mouse Big Beat mp3
  3. Grillo (Dusted Wax Kingdom) – Boots mp3
  4. Vate – Turismo mp3
  5. The Chair Listener (Schnurstrax) – Bit Stupidity mp3
  6. Modul (no-response) – Sliding Fiba mp3
  7. Monsular (diplomatik) – Plimgrap mp3
  8. Lucky Misu (corpid) – In The Hotel mp3
  9. basicnoise (Schall) – lovetrack mp3
  10. nik jade (Soulseek Artists) – caramel on my vinyl mp3
  11. Psychonaught (sociopathrecordings) – Sink the Fucker mp3
  12. Eye (test tube) – Aventura en Peru mp3
  13. Denis Zabavsky (top-40) – Strannik mp3
  14. candlestickmaker (Up It Up Records) – Drops of Night / Dreamer mp3
  15. 0p0 (noisnois records) – siempre estuviste ahí (electrance version) mp3
  16. Ian Asher (politicide) – Taradair mp3
  17. Soto (creation centre) – My Blue plane (soto version) mp3
  18. Norton (aerotone) – (Your) Balcony (FM Belfast Remix) mp3
  19. Inyi (Feed) – List mp3
  20. Delta Rangers – Halfzware Shag mp3

Podcast January 2008

Happy new year! This month is more retrospective with tracks I missed in the last year. Main resource for that findings was the Phlow Magazine Advent Calendar, I also have included 3 tracks of 8bitpeoples because I wasn’t there for a longer time . The other half of the show is introducing recently released songs as usual.

  1. Mark DeNardo (8bitpeoples) – Muse mp3
  2. Inlets (luv sound) – Pictures of Trees mp3
  3. Motown Junkie (Test Tube) – My name is Sampler… Ed Sampler mp3
  4. xenoton (tonAtom) – thy distant fire mp3
  5. Moondogs Blues Party (A Regueifa Plataforma) – Blues After Dead mp3
  6. Coax (kahvi collective) – Clouds mp3
  7. The Boy With The Broken Leg (bump foot) – Dead End mp3
  8. Protestant Work Ethic (12rec. net) – Walk The Plank mp3
  9. ATONE (autres directions) – Resonance Lullatone Remix mp3
  10. Plaistow (Insubordinations) – Mairie Des Lilas mp3
  11. Rainer Lericolais (tripostal) – Allegretto mp3
  12. Yakkami (klitekture) – My_Mind mp3
  13. christian walt (interdisco) – too tired mp3
  14. Mr. Spastic (8bitpeoples) – QWERTY mp3
  15. Radarfilm (kreislauf) – Samstag Nachmittag mp3
  16. ramon leon (insectorama) – frida & tobi mp3
  17. Kamil P. aka The Influence (dobox recordings) – Detown Afterhourz mp3
  18. lilliehorn (clear cut records) – visco city mp3
  19. she (8bitpeoples) – Yeah Yeah Beats mp3

Podcast December 2007

For the cover I used a photo by Dru! [CC BY-NC]

Against my own expectations I was able to produce a Podcast episode also in this month (new born baby here at home). This episode has a disneylike opening, a lot of tracks playing the big drums, some cute melodies and catchy pop tunes. Feedback is welcome.

  1. Francesco Lettera (Dharmasound) – Going to the city of Emeralds mp3
  2. Audiokonstrukte (1bit wonder) – Karmakoma mp3
  3. Heinemann521 (Mimi) – daily routines mp3
  4. Resn (Homework) – My number is mp3
  5. The Dook (Hippocamp) – No Boat Can Stop (If There’s Wine All Over the Bloody Sails) mp3
  6. Bliss (Camomille) – Energy is for Henrik mp3
  7. Original Recipe (petite&jolie) – Puppy mp3
  8. DRONE (Up It Up Records) – Robotic fantasy mp3
  9. Josef Mühlen (Corpid) – Touch Mei Hall mp3
  10. Winterstrand (laridae) – Shadows Of Memories mp3
  11. Amateur Android (Vorbic) – Vinyl Pushing mp3
  12. Machine Drum (Sutemos) – 0000001 mp3
  13. Psilodump (The X-Dump) – The Ninja Pugdogs mp3
  14. Eric Brandy (Pinksilver) – Mvet Tool mp3
  15. P.N.F.A (deepwise) – Keating mp3

Important Note: Due to some encoding issues three of the played tracks (No. 8 by Drone, No. 11 by Amateur Android and No. 13 by Psilodump) were imported in mono format to this episode. We apologize for the low sound quality and ask all visitors to listen to the original files (as listed above), so you can experience the real beauty of these tracks. Thanks!

Podcast November 2007

For the cover I used a photo by mary_gaston22 [CC BY-SA]

2nd anniversary!

This episode is probably the most pop-oriented up to now, especially in the first half. And at begin I immediately start with a mistake: Poni Republic is not based in Italy, but Mexico – of course a lot of pronouncing and grammar catastrophies will follow as usual – I’m doin‘ this podcast for two years now and on first anniversary I changed moderation to English – which is for some of my listeners some sort of, erm, extra entertainment. (But remember what I said after the switch and from the start: the new motto of this little netaudio show is „Good music and bad English“).

Here the playlist:

  1. Anois (Poni Republic) – November mp3
  2. Winter Took His Life (It’s a trap) – Heaven on earth mp3
  3. Björn Kleinhenz (It’s a trap) – The best of my life mp3
  4. Silence Is Sexy (Muertepop) – Kids Like Silence mp3
  5. Paolo Messere/Kiddycar (Silber Records) – You Save Me From Understanding More mp3
  6. Nuuro (Poni Republic) – Secret mp3
  7. lunao (white in music) – tale of a man that walks through the dark mp3
  8. Lucky Misu (corpid) – How To Hold On Tight (Troupe Remix) mp3
  9. Chun Lee (Catch The Falling Leaves) – Gold Spiral mp3
  10. imoutoid (Maltine Records) – PART2 mp3
  11. Francisco Pinto (Pueblo Nuevo) – The Horse mp3
  12. PNFA (Arteqcue) – again mp3
  13. verano (Arteqcue) – orange people (m.telemann remix) mp3
  14. Matthias Springer (Garganrecords) – Flächenträgheitsmoment mp3
  15. jeff willett (clear-cut-records) – gp15 mp3
  16. vamzdys (signorafranca) – asloptik mp3
  17. Garnica (Digital Audio Tropical Archives) – Paisajes Extremos mp3
  18. Margaret Noble (acroplane) – Nufon mp3

Podcast October 2007

For the cover I used a photo by Hiddenson [CC BY-NC-ND]

By my own standards this is a show with a darker tone as usual (although it isn’t really dark), e. g. there’s a trend to distortion sounds, anyway, you could still dance to it most of the time. Also it is the first episode with a commercial break (you know why).

  1. mopen flot (nonstopnonsense. netLab) – frost flowers mp3
  2. Weigl & Hoffmann (Autoplate) – Home mp3
  3. Muxu (monotonik) – Hishiko mp3
  4. Norman Creed (Auflegware) – Senses mp3
  5. Ian Asher (Politicide) – szym mp3
  6. Freund der Familie (broque) – Bounuts mp3
  7. Lulu Kaine (Chew-Z) – Radiations From Futurist Furniture mp3
  8. tiny creatures (birdsong) – the bing bang mp3
  9. Company of Big Beats (Schnurstrax Records) – d.mittens mp3
  10. Lush Puppy (Postunder Records) – Metajet Jazz mp3
  11. adaptive (diplomatik) – veto mp3
  12. K.D. Expression (Electrosound) – Unfriendly Landscapes mp3
  13. David Granha (Teorema) – Always Alone mp3
  14. Loran Valdek (stratospherik) – Be Alone mp3
  15. Granlab (kreislauf) – Backyard Wildlife mp3
  16. Markus Newton (kreislauf) – Springonmoon mp3
  17. Pool Reverse (Rithmus) – Microessence mp3
  18. Phase Shifts (Amduscias Records) – Vanilla Sprinkles mp3
  19. Roostex (Beardology Records) – Sweet Buttery Drizzle mp3
  20. Vernon LeNoir (Ego Twister) – Bazerkle Basement mp3
  21. Popular Workshop (Tribute to John Peel) – All About Vikki mp3

Podcast September 2007

Machtdose Podcast September 2007
For the cover I used a photo by Joerg Moellenkamp [CC BY]

This time : Morning Dawn Ambient, Melodic Experimental Cling-Clang, My-Heart-goes-bam-da-da-dam-Nu-Jazz, wobbling Guitars, Food Hop, real good housy parts and so on.

  1. Mkd (I/O) – We’re All Together mp3
  2. ON_14 (complementary distribution) – Absence mp3
  3. Polaroide (Miga) – Hor-migas mp3
  4. Tangtype (No Type) – Lulled by A Rubbery Sweep mp3
  5. The Incognito Traveller (Discos Konfort) – Chaleur mp3
  6. Leon Somov feat. Jazzu (Sutemos) – Who R U mp3
  7. ckid (monotonik) – time monsters mp3
  8. Debird (Musicartistry Recordings) – Theories mp3
  9. FeldFunker (Kreislauf) – Beyond the Moon (Hilbig-Hocker Remix) mp3
  10. Mr. Dee (Homework) – Pharaon mp3
  11. Binärpilot (Robot Wars) – Tokyomatrix 3000 mp3
  12. Muscular Teeth (4-4-2 music) – Homage mp3
  13. Riconvey (Konkord) – club mp3
  14. Gorowski (WM Recordings) – Seven down mp3
  15. Professer Inc. (Deepwise) – Sex in the Ghetto mp3
  16. Frank Molder (1bit wonder) – Come With Me mp3
  17. D. R. Mirago (Piepmatz Records) – rockin da house (ko-mix) mp3
  18. bacalao (microdisco) – the bread mp3
  19. Laineet (dirtybird rexx) – Hyviä Aikoja mp3

If you want to know more about the mentioned Netaudio Festival, here’s their site.

Podcast August 2007

Machtdose Podcast August 2007
For the cover I used a photo by Vir gin ia [CC BY-NC]

This month I’ve made a more quick and dirty episode (I was in a hurry) – so you will find some gruesome bridges between different tracks, strange comments, cut-up moderation and so on (I overpay a little). Anyway, hope you like it.

  1. Statedlife (Archaic Horizon Records) – Firstlite mp3
  2. Crepusculum (Zymogen) – Anachronism (Twilight mix by Engine7) mp3
  3. my first trumpet (aerotone) – autonarkose mp3
  4. Herwig Holzmann (Autoplate) – Everything from Changing mp3
  5. Imagine I Had Hands (It’s a trap) – Economy mp3
  6. Trans Alp (Elpa) – Guru mp3
  7. Emmerichk (Discos Konfort) – Cy-Borg mp3
  8. Lipo (sub-machine. net) – Milkyskin mp3
  9. Carlo (Neovinyl) – Blondie Girl mp3
  10. Benfay (Thinner) – Quick Drifter mp3
  11. Fineline (White in Music) – Berauschen mp3
  12. Paul Elong (Strg+T) – Penetration mp3
  13. Flann (labil recordings) – Keine Zeit (R2TF Remix) mp3
  14. BitBasic (monotonik) – Soap mp3
  15. BitBasic (monotonik) – Amen Break steals the Show mp3
  16. Silverknight v Beat Doctor (Toucan Music) – Dancefloor Virus 2007 mp3